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top 50 uk wedding cake designers 2018

The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Cake Designers 2018


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It’s our favourite time of the year, not only is The Great British Bake Off back on our screens but also it’s our turn to get judging as we present the most incredible cakey artists and the UK’s Top 50 Wedding Cake Designers 2018.

From mega-tiered objet ‘d’art to the most fabulously crafted cupcakes, these are the wedding industries finest cake designers and icing artists. And more power to their multi-mixers!

Give the diet 10 minutes off and dive into 50 photos of cakey perfection.

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South West

Nina’s Cakey Bakies

OK, so yes, we were drawn to this amazing cake maker by the fab name but were then mesmerised by cascades of flowers and petals, delicate icing teapots and so much more. The intricacy of the flower work is simply sublime. And then we saw she does a peach bellini inspired cake with prosecco sponge and we fell in love all over again.

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ninas cakey bakies

Blossom Dream Cakes

For sheer variety of skills and design, Blossom Dream Cakes are hard to beat. If they can’t make the design you want, it can’t be made. Multi-layered cakes, each layer featuring the most fantastic elements, all equally elegant to wow any wedding guest and melt hearts with mouth-watering flavours. Every new cake throws up another fabulous edible surprise.

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blossom dream cakes


We’re delighted to be singing the praises of the wonderful Trudy at JellyCake for a second year running. No cake too big, no petal too small, if you’re lucky enough to get JellyCake to make your wedding feast centre piece you can relax in the knowledge that one part of your wedding will be utterly spellbinding (but contact Trudy early as demand for her talents is high).



Fancie Buns Cake Studio

You know when something is created in a studio it is done so by artists and Fancie Buns don’t disappoint. Another South West cake baking genius to have made it into our Top 50 for a second year running. What we love most about head designer Emma’s work is her amazing use of subtle colours to create something beautiful yet utterly timeless. Fancie by name, fabulous by nature.

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fancy buns cake studio

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