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5 Reasons for a Post Wedding Hen Party

June 21, 2021

Hen parties after the wedding aren’t the norm, but things aren’t exactly ‘normal’ at the moment.

With thousands of weddings being postponed as a result of the pandemic, many brides have missed the chance to enjoy their big hen celebrations… but why should they miss out?

A post-wedding party is a fab way to break tradition, get the squad together, and still give the bride a memorable ‘send-off’, so what if it’s after the wedding!

5 Reasons for a Post Wedding Hen Party

  1. The Bride is Less Stressed
  2. Chance For a Chilled Celebration
  3. A Thank You to The Bridesmaids
  4. Joint Celebration
  5. Break Tradition

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1. The Bride is Less Stressed

posr wedding hen party

It’s basic mathematics:

Planning a Wedding = Stressful

Not Planning a Wedding = Not Stressful


  • If you have a hen party before the wedding – The bride will spend half the time thinking about bridesmaid dresses, centrepieces and how they can get around inviting their boring cousin to the wedding.
  • If you have a hen party after the wedding – The bride will be 100% in the zone, ready and raring to party, plus she’ll have other things to talk about rather than ‘wedding stuff’ – it’s a win-win!

2. Chance For a Chilled Celebration

post wedding hen party

Pre-wedding hen parties are often fast-paced, full-throttle, 1000 mph affairs where partying is paramount. The post-wedding hen party is a chance to dial it back and enjoy a more chilled celebration (if you want, that is!).

There is no blueprint for a hen party after the wedding, so you can ditch the wild nights out and raunchy events and swap them for something a little different that the group will love – check out our 10 top picks at the bottom of the article.

Pssst… you can still go BIG. It’s entirely up to you!

3. A Thank You to the Bridemaids

Hen weekends before the wedding often have invite lists as long as the bride’s train ranging from close friends to colleagues, family members to old schoolmates, plus everyone in between.

The post-wedding hen party is a chance for a more low key affair – why not just keep it to the bridesmaids and the brides?

Not only can you all still celebrate your main gal’s milestone, but it’s a great chance for the bride to show her appreciation to you lot as well for everything you helped with on the big day.


4. Joint Celebration


There’s also the chance to make it a combined celebration where you get the groom’s entourage involved for one big party. Now they’re one, the happy couple can celebrate in style with all their friends involved.

5. Break Tradition

Who said hen parties had to be before the wedding? It’s time to break the mould and do something a little bit different, and a whole lot awesome.

It’s time to be the trailblazing trendsetters you know you are!

Start planning your post-wedding hen party now!

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10 Post-Wedding Hen Party Activities to Try

  1. Punting
  2. Mobile Pamper Party
  3. Afternoon Tea
  4. Escape Room
  5. Inflatable Games
  6. Chocolate & Wine Tasting
  7. Life Drawing
  8. Butlers In The Buff
  9. Flower Crown Workshop
  10. ABBA Experience