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Magaluf hen apartments are unlike any you'll be staying in anywhere else in the world - they offer all the conveniences of hotels, but with the added space and privacy of staying in an apartment. They're all around 3* quality, so you're guaranteed to be staying somewhere that offers you far more than the basics, with a selection of facilities and amenities to give you a comfortable and relaxed stay in a great location. Crucially, they're close to the centre of the Magaluf nightlife: the infamous Strip, so all of your evening entertainment is right around the corner. Each complex has a pool to get you out of the hotel rooms during the day too... and since some of the Magaluf hen apartments are as little as 300m from the beach, there's plenty of opportunity to spend some time outside and enjoying the Magaluf weather. Around the apartments there are a diverse range of food options for when you don't feel like trekking out to hunt down some dinner (or are just too busy lazing by the pool), with a selection of snack bars, restaurants and mini markets across the apartment complexes. There are apartment sizes ranging from twin up to 8 people, so no matter what size your party is we'll be able to find a Magaluf hen apartment to suit.

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Close to the nightlife

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Pools (indoor and outdoor), TVs, kitchens, sports courts, tennis tables, pool tables, sauna, Jacuzzi, snack bars, mini markets, bars, poolside bars, restaurants and buffets


B&B, half board, full board, Wifi

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Hens rate GoHen GoHen Reviews GoHen ReviewsBased on 1200+ reviews.

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Thousands and thousands of girls seeking a good party head to Magaluf every year – and they find one, with the huge number of visitors turning the resort in to a hive of sizzling summer excitement. The huge number of visitors means a correspondingly high number of hotels and apartments, which – coupled with the competitively low prices – sounds great. However, life is never that easy, and the Magaluf hen accommodation throws up a few unique problems for wary hen parties to overcome.

Like what?

The best hotels tend to get snapped up pretty fast, especially since all of Magaluf’s tourists tend to come at the same time of year. The leftovers can be of a pretty abysmal quality, either miles away from all the nightlife options, or just a bit grungy and grim – not what you want for your best friend’s big send off.

How do we find the best accommodation options for us?

GoHen can help you track down the best quality apartments for your hen weekend … in fact, we already have, with our handpicked Magaluf hen apartments providing you with fantastic facilities in fantastic accommodation. You don’t have to rely on vague descriptions from the hoteliers, or make best guesses based on the photos they provide – we’ve seen them, and we know that they’ll provide you with the highest standards of service around.

"the best" sounds expensive...

Magaluf is already an excellent value spot for a hen do, but with GoHen we can save you even more money on your hen weekend, negotiating better deals and rates for you and the girls than you can do alone – as well as ensuring that you end up at hotels that are welcoming of you as a hen party, rather than charging you premium rates. It’s also much easier for you to pay through us, too. Normally, the entire deposit and final amount will have to be taken from one hen’s account, which means the poor maid of honour is stuck chasing up the entire party for their money – no mean feat when you’ve got a large party, or when she doesn’t know all the hens that well. With our new system, however, each hen can pay in what they owe separately, meaning you’ll be able to do things according to your own finances, and everyone can take responsibility for their own payment.

We’re also flexible when it comes to bookings and final amounts. You’ll still be able to make changes to your hen do up till five weeks before you go. That means you can book right now, and so guarantee your place at the top quality Magaluf hen apartments, but not have to finalise things until much later, so you won’t need to lose money if plans change or girls drop out.

It sounds good, but can we trust you?

Absolutely. You don’t have to take our word for it, though – we can prove it. We were amongst the first in our field to become ABTA bonded, meaning that no matter what happens, your money – and your hen do – is completely safe, so you can definitely trust us with that. You can also trust us to make sure you and the girls have a fantastic time. Just look at some of the reviews we’ve got in the past… not to brag, but the words ‘fantastic’ and ‘brilliant’ pop up a few times. You can trust the word of our clients – after all, 96% of them say they’d book with us again, so you can be sure we’re doing hen dos right!

For more general notes on hen weekend hotel and accommodation reservations see here.

Please note - the pictures may differ from the actual accommodation.

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