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...An amazing and memorable weekend. Good friends before we arrived, best friends by the time we finished - once you've burlesqued with ten other women it's hard not to bond!...

London -
16/06/2017 -
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5 star rating

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Hens rate GoHen GoHen Reviews GoHen ReviewsBased on 1300+ reviews.

Book your London hen hotels with GoHen

With an incredible 30 million + tourists per year, it’s safe to say that the hospitality business in London is booming. Hotels range from 5* palaces fit for presidents (often literally) to a struggling Londoner’s spare room – and there’s everything in between. Finding hen hotels in London, then, comes down to three things:


London is a very, very big city. It’s easy to end up in a hotel in the city that’s miles away from the nightlife and activities that you’re interested in, leaving you to spend a fortune on cabs each day – or worse, struggling with the Tube. Particularly if you plan on hitting a few clubs at night, when the buses and trains start running to night schedules and you’re in a slightly less coherent state, it’s important to be close to the place you’re bedding down for the night.


With such an awe inspiring range on offer, it can be a little difficult to sort the good from the bad. London undoubtedly has some of the very best hotels in the world – but it can go to the other extreme too. Unless you’ve got personal experience with the hotel scene and know what you’re dealing with, it’s easy to accidently get trapped with sub par hen hotels in London. 


London is also one of the most expensive cities in the world – and the hotels are just one of the things that cause the sky high prices. If you want good accommodation in London, you’ll often have to reach good and deep into your pockets.


It’s not all bad news! At GoHen, we’re able to lessen the burden of all of these issues, making searching for London hen accommodation easier than ever. We’ve been working in London since 2002 – in fact, it’s where we were initially based, so it’s a city we know very, very well. We know the area, and so we know which hotels to pick based on what you’re interested in doing – if you’re desperate to see the London Eye, for instance, we’re not going to dump you in Hackney.

We’ve also been working in London long enough to establish longstanding personal relationships with the hotels we use – which means that we can vouch for their good quality and service, and that we can negotiate the best deals and offers … and then pass the savings on to you.

If you’re looking to book a hotel for your hen do, there’s really only one way to do it – and that’s with GoHen. Give us a call if you’d like to chat more about what you like or need, or drop us an enquiry, and we’ll get back to you with some more information.

For more general notes on hen weekend hotel and accommodation reservations see here.

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