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Hen Party Games

hen party gamesOnce you’ve got all the hen night ideas sorted its time to choose some hilarious hen night games! When the wine is flowing these games will be perfect for a laugh with the ladies! See our most popular hen night dares and check out our hen night games below!

Choose Silly Names

One hen party game that you can prepare before the evening celebrations, give everyone their own saucy hen name! These could even be printed on hen night t-shirts and if someone forgets to call someone else by their hen night name they get given a dare!

Mr and Mrs to be

Before the party ask the groom some questions about himself, then on the evening, the girls write down how many the hen will get correct about her husband to be.

Sample questions:

  1. What is his favourite music group?
  2. What day did he say is their anniversary?
  3. What is his favourite meal that the bride has made?
  4. What was the worst meal?
  5. What brand of beer does he drink?
  6. What is his favourite football team?
  7. What is his favourite colour?
  8. What does he like on his pizza?

Throw in some yes/no questions and a couple of saucy ones and you’re onto a great hen do game!

I have Never…

When everyone has a full glass of wine (or whatever the beverage may be), the hen starts with a true statement (such as, “I have never asked a man out”) and whoever has done the mentioned is required to have a drink! This then goes round the group to make a fantastic and revealing hen party game, be prepared to find interesting things out about your friends and also get a little giggly!

Pop the Question

karaoke hen nightsGet the girls to come up with 20 questions/dares then put them into balloons. When the hen party games are in full swing, get popping the balloons, the bride-to-be will then have the choice to answer the question/do the dare or take a drink!

The Handbag

All the girls have to take 2 - 3 items from their handbags and place them in separate paper or plastic bags. The host then opens each bag in turn and the others have to guess who the things belong to. This hen party game is a great ice breaker!

About the Wedding

One of the nicest hen party games for starting off the evening. One person in the group starts by saying 'I went to (the name of the bride to be)’s wedding and ...’ they then add a sentence. The next person then repeats the sentence and adds their own sentence and so on. When someone forgets the story they're out. The person left at the end with the best memory is the winner!

Famous Names Hen Night Game

A perfect ice breaker! You all sit round a table (or stand round a bar) and someone starts by saying the name of a famous person. The person to their right then has to say the name of a famous person that starts with the first letter of the last name of the previous famous-person name.

One of the more confusing hen night games but here’s an example: 

“Robert Pattinson” - “Paul McCartney” - “Michael Douglas” - “David Blaine” - “Britney Spears” - “Sandra Bullock” - “Billy Joel” - “Jessica Alba” – You get the idea.

If someone can’t think of a name within 30 seconds, they're subject to a forfeit or a dare.

hen party groupsKaraoke

Although this is arguably more of a dare than a hen party game, taking part in karaoke can be a fantastic way to celebrate and with a little imagination you can turn it into a hen night game! Why not write down songs with a difficulty rating on each one, then take it in turns to belt out your chosen tune and earn points? You don’t have to be a good singer, you just have to have the guts to get up on stage! Whoever has the least points at the end has to do a dare! Book your karaoke evening here.

The Balloon Pass

Chances are you’ve played this fun game before - essentially it involves passing a long, inflated balloon down your line of hens without dropping it. Where the fun comes in is that you can’t use your arms at all, forcing you to get creative with your legs and other parts! One of the more hilarious hen party games, whoever drops the balloon in this has to do a dare!

Treasure Hunt

This is a great hen party game to play if you’ve got a range of ages, as it can be as relaxed or as wild as you like! Follow the trail at your own pace, but bear in mind the last group to finish the treasure hunt might have to take part in some hen party dares! Book your treasure hunt here.

Including some humorous hen night dares pairs perfectly with your games - in all games there’s a winner and a loser! Fortunately these dares aren’t as extreme as our male counterparts, with stag dares involving everything from shaving eyebrows to tying the stag to a tree. Our hen party dares are a bit more realistic and a lot more fun; all the girls have to do is decide which one the unlucky hen loser has to do! Plus add in an extra rule that if you let on you’re doing a dare you have to do two more of these hen party dares - you’ll have some unforgettable laughs!

  1. Order a drink in a foreign accent.
  2. Ask someone for their autograph.
  3. Descend on a stranger and act as if you have known them from years ago reminiscing about “old times”.
  4. When the next song is played, jump up and shout “I love this one” and then sing and dance your heart out on the dance floor.
  5. Do the chicken/robot dance in the middle of the dance floor.
  6. Ask people to take a picture of you but with their own camera.
  7. Try and convince a stranger that you are someone famous.
  8. Get a photo of you with someone in uniform.
  9. Randomly burst into your favourite song from Grease.
  10. Do random, energetic, freestyle dancing for one minute.

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