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5 Fabulous Hen Party Themes

Use her likes, hobbies, special interests to create your hen party theme

Coming up with the perfect hen party theme can be tricky, at GoHen we’ve helped arrange over 500,000 hen parties and have a basic rule of thumb when it comes to hen themes; Either go for it or go without.

Let us explain...

A themed hen party done well is fantastic, everybody get’s truly stuck in and will understand the idea you have and exactly what you’ve created. A hen party theme that hasn’t been followed through properly can be a bit of a damp squib and risk people approaching it half hearted.

If you’re trepidatious about going with a hen party theme then think of the special guest, if your bride-to-be is the sort of person who throws herself into something whole-heartedly then the chances are her friends will be the same. So if you are deciding to create a themed party the go for it! Have fun and really let your hair, make-up, balloons or fancy dress down. When it comes to hen party themes the world really is your lobster (?!?).

hen party fancy dress

Special Guest Star

There is of course one very important member of the hen party, so why not make her the star of the show? You can theme your party around her. Use her likes, hobbies, special interests to create your hen party theme.

TV & Movies

Based on the bride’s favourite TV show or movie there is plenty of themed food and fancy dress you can arrange. Perhaps she has a penchant for a certain trilogy or movie franchise (such as Harry Potter, Twilight, etc). You can also name the hens after characters (make sure people pick names at random, that way it’s seen to be fair).
Or how about a TV based hen night theme? "Let me out I’m a bride-to-be..." With camp T-shirts, challenges and a bush-tucker trial. (Newcastle bound hens can try it for real. Read more...)

Hobbies & Interests

Is the nearly-wed a massive season ticket holding, football fan? You could all celebrate her favourite team with her. Perhaps she plays a sport or belongs to any clubs. She could be a mad keen knitter (knitting is becoming massive again) in which case you could have a knitwear hen party theme.

The Early Years

Any hen party is a celebration of the bride’s single years as well as a nod to the big event. So you could arrange for a trip down memory lane, old school photos, uni stories, embarrassing tales from her parents. You could even arrange a special guest appearance by getting in touch with one of her old school teachers or lecturers.


Of course you can go all out and create a special Summer Festival in the bride’s honour. Glamping is now a massive hit with hen parties with everything from yurts, geodomes, bell tents, cabins, lodges, tipis, and more. These are fully self-catered and really do ramp up the glam factor with some incredible facilities. To create your theme simply invite the bride along to her own festival. Send out invites in the form of festival tickets, then you can have wristbands, T-shirts, spoof program (giving a history of the bride’s early years), flags all dedicated to "Sarah-Fest".


Get Help From The Pros

If you’ve decided on a theme but need a little help bringing it all together, GoHen have hundreds of activities, accommodation options, nightlife venues in over 70 destinations across the UK and Europe. So if you have something in mind then you can ask our team for pointers or advice with no fear of hard sell. We love what we do and are more than happy to share our knowledge.

With over a decade’s worth of knowhow we have more than a few tricks up our party sleeves.

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