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Themed hen parties have the potential to transform a good hen weekend into an amazing one. Themes can influence everything from the activities you choose to do, to the decorations and costumes, to the food, the drink and even where you stay. So, check out our list of the seventeen best hen party themes below.

17 Hen Party Theme Categories

  1. Animal & Insect
  2. Colour & Glitter
  3. Decades
  4. Festival
  5. Film
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Disney
  8. Superheroes
  9. Flowers
  10. Healthy/Pampering
  11. Music
  12. Horror
  13. Seasonal
  14. TV Shows
  15. Sport
  16. Vintage
  17. Weird & Wonderful

1 Animal & Insect

Animal and insect can be a fun, unique and entertaining theme to thread through the weekend. You can make your own cute, affordable outfits or splash out on some costumes.

Try our Nightlife where you can flaunt your great outfits

  1. Bees
  2. Bunnies
  3. Cats
  4. Dogs
  5. Lady Birds
  6. Flamingos
  7. Tigers

2 Colour & Glitter

A simple idea which, if well-executed, can be fantastic. Pick the bride's favourite colour and splash it through the weekend in relation to outfits, décor, and even the food and drinks. You could choose one colour, all come in different colours or even go full glam with some glitter.

Glitter Masterclass
  1. Different Colours
  2. Glitter
  3. Gold
  4. Pink
  5. Matching Colours
  6. Body Painting Activity
  7. Sparkle Party Makeover
  8. Glitter Masterclass
  9. Pimp That Penis

3 Decades

Whether she's into the glamour of the 1920s, 60's hippy vibe or 80's neon leg warmers, pick the bride-to-be's favourite decade and get creative with your outfits, décor and activities.

Try our Back To The 80s | 90's Themed Hen Weekends

  1. 20's
  2. 50's 
  3. 60's
  4. 70's
  5. 80's
  6. 90's
  7. Noughties

4 Festival

A theme that's become hugely popular in recent years is the hen party mini-festival. Arrange some festival-style activities and accommodation, send out invites in the form of festival tickets and create your own wristbands, T-shirts and flags all dedicated to "Lucy-Fest"!

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  1. Face Painting
  2. Floral Headdresses
  3. Glamping
  4. Glitter
  5. Hog Roast
  6. Hot Tub Hire
  7. Live Music
  8. Silent Discos

5 Film

If the bride-to-be's a bit of a film buff or obsessed with one particular franchise, then this could be a great hen party theme to base the weekend around.

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Disney Princess
  3. Grease
  4. Great Gatsby
  5. Ghostbusters
  6. Moulin Rouge
  7. Sex & the City
  8. Superheroes

6 Harry Potter

Potterhead brides will adore a Harry Potter themed hen party. In recent years, the popularity of Potter Parties has firebolted through the roof. Dress up as your favourite characters, take a tour of the studios, put your wizarding skills to the test and try a magical escape room – there’s plenty of great Potter themes to pick from.

Try our Harry Potter Themed Hen Parties

Harry Potter Hen Party
  1. Professors
  2. Students
  3. Magical Creatures
  4. Death Eaters
  5. Ghosts
  6. Weasleys
  7. Quidditch Players

7 Disney

If the bride-to-be considers herself to be a bit of a princess or whether she just loves all things Disney, a Disney hen party is a guaranteed winner. Come as individual characters, try a fab dance class or even head to the home of Disney for an extra special weekend.

Try our Disney Dance Class

Disney Dance Class
Hen Party
  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Anna from (Frozen)
  3. Bo Peep
  4. Cinderella
  5. Elsa (Frozen)
  6. Moana
  7. Pocahontas
  8. Snow White
  9. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  10. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
  11. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  12. Jasmine (Aladdin)
  13. Mulan
  14. Tiana (Princess and the Frog)
  15. Rapunzel
  16. Merida (Brave)

8 Superheroes

We know that, for the maid of honour, deciding on a fab hen party theme can be tough, but with great power, comes great responsibility and it's up to you to get it right. Nothing says #squadgoals like a group of popping superhero outfits and it will undoubtedly go down a storm with the rest of the hens.

Check out the great range of superhero costumes at our friends at the Jokers’ Masquerade.

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Iron Woman
  3. Catwoman
  4. Supergirl
  5. Spider-girl
  6. Batgirl
  7. Harley Quinn

9 Flowers

Green-fingered brides who love everything floral will absolutely adore a flower-themed hen weekend. This can be a relatively cheap and easy way to add an eco-friendly theme to proceedings.

Try our Flower Crown Workshop

  1. Bouquets of Flowers
  2. Floral Crowns
  3. Floral Dresses
  4. Floristry Workshops

10 Healthy/Pampering

All that wedding planning can be incredibly stressful for the bride-to-be, so why not organise a nice relaxed, stress-busting hen weekend? A spot of pampering, healthy food and a bit of yoga. Zen-sational.

Try our Pampering Hen Activities

  1. Manicure
  2. Massage
  3. Mobile Makeover
  4. Mobile Pamper Party
  5. Natural Spa Party
  6. Pampering Day
  7. Yoga

11 Music

"So tell me what you want, what you really, really want!" If the nearly-wed loves belting out a party anthem, be sure to try a spot of karaoke or make your own music video before you go full girl power and hit the town in your Spice Girl outfits.

Try our Song & Dance Hen Activities

Dancing Activity
  1. Abba
  2. Spice Girls
  3. Bewitched
  4. S Club 7
  5. Steps
  6. Andrews Sisters
  7. Rock Chicks
  8. Destiny's Child

12 Horror

If the nearly-wed loves all things scary, then a horror themed weekend is ideal. Take on an eerie escape room, tackle a zombie survival camp and dress up as the undead for your big night out.

Try our Escape Rooms.

  1. Saw
  2. Vampires
  3. Zombies
  4. Scream
  5. Witches
  6. Werewolves

13 Seasonal

If the bride-to-be's celebrations coincide with an event during the year, then you could combine the two and have a seasonal hen weekend!

  1. Christmas Jumper
  2. Easter Bunnies
  3. Halloween
  4. Santa & Elves
  5. Day of the Dead
  6. Wimbledon
  7. Glastonbury

14 TV Shows

In a similar vein to a film hen party theme, you could base your weekend around the bride's favourite TV show. If she's a big Bake Off fan, you could have a cake baking competition to crown your group's Mary Berry.

Try our Cake Decorating Class | Breaking Bad Cocktail Lab

Cake Decorating Class
  1. Baywatch
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. Great British Bake Off
  4. Charlie’s Angels
  5. Friends
  6. Ab Fab
  7. Sex in the City
  8. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
star baker spoon
Friends hen party t-shirts

15 Sport

Whatever sport the bride's into, you could sprinkle it throughout proceedings. Take her to watch her favourite team play, partake in a game of bubble football, try a round of golf or, even better, a round of pub golf!

Try our Golf | Rugby Spectating | School Sports Day

  1. Dodgeball
  2. Netball
  3. Football
  4. Tennis
  5. Rugby
  6. School Sports Day

16 Vintage

If the nearly-wed loves all things retro, you could create an entire hen weekend dedicated to everything vintage.

Try our Retro & Vintage Hen Activities

Vintage Hen Party Ideas
  1. 50's Makeover
  2. Afternoon Tea
  3. Dance Class
  4. Downton Abbey Day
  5. Perfume Making
  6. Vintage Afternoon Tea

17 Weird & Wonderful

If the bride-to-be is a bit crazy (in the best possible way), why not try something bizarre? Dress up as a group of funny old women, a gaggle of naughty nuns or go full-on weird and wear wellies, a pirate hat and a hi-vis jacket. The sky is the limit with this one, so get those peculiar thinking caps on!

Try our unusual hen activities to go with your unusual outfits

  1. Army
  2. Back to School
  3. Barbie
  4. Cheerleaders
  5. Cowgirls
  6. Nuns
  7. Old Ladies
  8. Pirates
  9. Playboy Bunnies
  10. Pyjama Party
  11. Sailors
  12. Unicorns
  13. Where's Wally?
Hen party pyjamas

Best Hen Party Themes Tips & Advice

Remember to bear in mind:

  • What the Bride Likes - It may seem obvious, but you wouldn't believe the number of people who forget this key aspect
  • Subtle or All Out - Decide whether you're going to have a hen party theme that dominates proceedings or just subtly flows through the events
  • Funny or Classy - You're going to be wearing it all evening, so what will you all feel most comfortable in?
  • Time of Year - If you're looking at outdoor themes (e.g. a festival-style hen party) be mindful of dates - camping isn't much fun in mid-winter!
  • Budget - Don't go all out and arrange a hen weekend full of expensive activities, costumes and other pricey additions when you know some hens will be on a tight budget

At GoHen, we've helped to arrange over 600,000 pre-wedding parties, and when it comes to themed hen dos, we have one basic rule of thumb: either go all in or go without. When they're done well, when everyone gets stuck in and commits to them, they're brilliant. However, when they're done half-heartedly and people don't buy into things, they can fall flat. Believe us, we've seen it all!
So, if you're in two minds about going about a hen party theme, think of the special guest – after all, it's all about her at the end of the day. If the bride-to-be is the sort of person who throws herself into something whole-heartedly, then the chances are her friends will be the same, so we'd say go for it. But if there's any doubt, we'd leave it out.

Holla for Help

If you've decided on a theme but need a little help bringing it all together, GoHen have hundreds of activities, accommodation options and nightlife venues in over 70 destinations across the UK and Europe. So, if you have something in mind, ask our team for pointers or advice.

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