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Barbie Hen Party

Barbie Hen Party Ideas


6 Steps to The Ultimate Barbie Hen Do

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Barbie fans, there are two truths at play here.

(1) Even after 62 years of dating, Ken still hasn’t made the big step (so, he doesn’t get a say in this).

(2) Wednesday Addams is old news.

Which means only two things…

Hot pink is the new black AND it’s time for Bridal Barbie to live out her cotton candy Dreamtopia. 💅

So, put on your matching hen party sashes and heart-shaped glasses because it’s time to take 6 easy steps towards the ultimate Barbie hen party.

6 Steps to a Barbie Hen Party

  1. Ultimate Bridal Shower Party Package
  2. Decorate Your Barbie Dream House
  3. Girls Just Want to Have Fun… Things To Do!
  4. Be a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World
  5. Code Name: Pink
  6. It’s The Best Day Ever!

Ultimate Bridal Shower Party Package

Firstly, let’s make sure people show up to your hen do.

Get the invites, games, itinerary and welcome board sorted with the perfect bridal shower party package templates which you can customise, download, and use to make your party memorable!

We have a load of pink and popping designs over at the GoHen Shop Barbie herself would 100% approve of.

The Ultimate Hen Party Package by GoHen

Decorate Your Barbie Dream House

Whether you’re having your Barbie fantasy at home, or in a rented accommodation, we’ve got loads of fun ideas for you.

Why not check out our amazing countrywide GoHen accommodations and book the perfect house to host your hot pink moment?

For starters, look at this boutique self-catering property in Brighton which is ideal for the occasion! Boasting dollhouse-inspired décor, colourful furniture, and a spacious hot tub, you’ll be in Barbie’s dreamland the moment you step inside!        

A Barbie-like house in Brighton

Or this straight-out-of-a-Barbie-movie house which not only holds a disco shower room alongside everything blonde and pink, but is also close to the beach, so you can have your Barbie Mermaid Tale on the coast while sipping on ice-cold rosé lemonades. 🧜‍♀️🥂

A Barbie-esque house in Brighton

Alternatively, if you’re up for the task of transforming your own place, then we’ve got a couple of suggestions too!

Check out the Barbie hen party at home accessories below and click on each photo to get them for yourselves.

Sparkly curtain

Sparkle foil for the ultimate hen glamour galore ✨

Plastic Bride Squad Cups

Reusable pink Bride Squad cups that will keep the drinks going 🥤

Paper Pink Marble Plate

Cotton candy marble, eco-friendly paper plates that are so perfectly pink! ⚪

Pink Balloon Arch

XL balloon arch kit – a must for those popping Instagram stories 🎈

Bride Squad Candles

Pink bridal pillar candles to get the aesthetic right 🔥

Pink Marble Napkins

Gorgeous pink marble paper napkins because Barbie’s in the detail ⬜

Girls Just Want To Have Fun… Things To Do!

Let’s revise…

You’ve given your place a cotton candy makeover ✅

The hen squad has received your invites and came over ✅✅

They’re all side-eyeing the itinerary 👀

So, don’t keep them waiting!

Start by blasting out the Barbie Movie’s Spotify soundtrack and allow your mind to play it on repeat until you can’t keep it inside any longer…

There’s only one thing that ken be done… unleash your inner pop divas and go to a hen-friendly karaoke bar!

“Life in Plastic” won’t sing itself, so get on the mic and make your night truly fantastic!

Two women singing in a karaoke bar

Oh, and by the way…

Did you know that despite being practically (or should we say plastically) 64 years old, Barbie still shows up and slays her ball dances in every movie?!

We know you can do better than that.

Especially if you take a dance class like no other.

So go back to the 90s and choreograph your own Barbie routine.

You’ve got the songs, you’ve got the moves, now all you need are the looks!

GoHen, where are you going with this?

Ken’t you see?

Be a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World!

Well, Barbie is technically a princess and princesses get crazily spoilt.

Ready for your next step?

If you really want to become Barbie, you really should give your entire hen group a mobile pamper day!

Three women having a pink pamper party

Get your glitter game on point with a Barbie-inspired manicure or pedicure, or opt-in for a blissful facial, back and shoulder massage.

We bet you’ve never heard Barbie complain of any back problems – there’s a reason why!

Life in plastic… it’s relaxing!

And just like, that it’s time for your big makeover. 💃

Code Name: Pink

Check out our matching Barbie outfits that will complement your Barbie-wannabe hen do and get them bought!

Hen Party jelly bag full of gifts

A hen party jelly bag to fill with small gifts and party essentials 👜

Bride Squad branded T-shirt

Matching pink Bride Squad T-shirts available in all sizes👚

Bride squad lip gloss

The hot pink lip balm any Barbie can’t live without 💄

Bride squad tote bag

Bride Squad Tote Bag to bag all those amazing memories! 🛍

It’s The Best Day Ever!

Learn how to make some signature Mali-Barbs, Cosmopolitans and mix in some of “Your Ex’s Tears” with an expert cocktail making class.

Your ex boyfriend's tears gin

Then serve them in the reusable cups with pink bendy straws and ring-shaped ice cubes for a truly one-of-a-kind hen do!

And that’s your Barbie hen party day planned!

But don’t let the Barbie fever leave your side when the night falls!

Host a Barbie movie night marathon and watch the Barbie film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken.

Or, remember Barbie’s wise words, “Forgiveness lets you fly” and go out to find a Ken for each hen in one of our partner nightclubs around the country…

Picture of the Dreamboys show

You Ken Do This!

Now go have fun on your Barbie extravaganza and don’t forget to tag us on all socials! #GoHen

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