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18 hilarious hen party whatsapp group names

29 Hilarious Hen Party Whatsapp Group Names


Forget ‘Bride Tribe’ or ‘Lisa’s Hen Party’ – this is your first chance to get everyone pumped up and ready for an incredible weekend celebrating the main gal.

This is a great opportunity to set the tone from the get-go and guarantee a memorable weekend all the hens will be chatting about for years to come.

Yep, get the name right and the chat will be bouncing; get it wrong…

Hello, no replies!

You may think we’re overreacting, but the chat is where the hen weekend really starts, so it’s vital you get off on the right foot, and the Whatsapp name is a key part of that.

List Updated: 09/05/2024

29 Hen Party Whatsapp Group Names

Girls just wanna have sun

S*** just got real

Vino before vows

The Champagne Campaign

[Name] found her hunk, so we’re getting drunk!

Bridesmaids assemble

Honour Guard

The Commitment Crew

I Do Crew

Dancing Queens

The Wedding Whispers

Bride Squad

The Bridal Bunch

Wanderlust And Bridal Dust

Dream Team

    Get her a shot, she’s tying the knot

    Let the fun be-GIN

    Fizz the season to be jolly!

    Let’s make some pour decisions

    On cloud wine!


    The Hen Do Is Coming

    The Girls are Back in Town

    Who Let the Hens Out

    Our sister found a mister

    About f****** time

    When I say ‘Cock’ you say ‘Tail’

    [Group size] Hens, 0 Cocks!

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