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best uk wedding florists

The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Florists for 2018


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This is wedding floristry with WOW factor. True green-fingered maestros that can elevate your day from special to unforgettable with their gorgeous blooms and arrangements to enhance your day and amaze your guests. With more floral talent than you can throw a ‘cascade’ bouquet at, it’s time to announce the UK’s 50 Best Wedding Florists for 2018.


Phillo Flowers

We’ve raved about Cemal K. Cemal’s stunning floral artistry before and yet we’re still enchanted by what he can do with even the simplest of blooms. Working from his boutique in Notting Hill, Cemal isn’t afraid to break convention and include unusual or forgotten flower breeds in his arrangements to make your wedding look like the unique, stylish occasion you always hoped it would be.

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phillo flowers


Kally Ellis has been wowing wedding guests and happy couples alike with her gorgeous arrangements since 1991. But what makes McQueens really stand out is their ceaseless innovation, these green-fingered creatives are always reinventing the trends and if they aren’t doing that, then they’re setting them. It’s no wonder Kally and her team have a worldwide reputation for floral brilliance.

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Grace & Thorn

Nik Southern’s floristry is alternative, chic, incredibly stylish and beautifully different. Working from a bijou studio in East London, Grace & Thorn’s style takes inspiration from art and fashion rather than the floral trends of the day, meaning that the end product on your wedding will be completely unique and speak to your character while adding a bit of WOW factor to your venue.

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grace and thorn

Phillipa Craddock

This is something just a little bit special. Phillipa Craddock’s close eye for floral design is one of the best in the industry, adding either smaller touches like wild vines dangling from the features of your venue or if you’re looking to make a botanical statement, a full ceiling of blooms to create a blossoming wonderland for the happiest day of your life.

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phillipa craddock

Rebel Rebel

You’ve handpicked your dress, hairstyle, makeup and every other aspect of your day to suit you, so why make an exception for your wedding flowers? Rebel Rebel feature a stunning variety of blooms from across the UK and Europe to transform your venue and stun your guests with their naturalistic style. This is one botanical rebellion we quite fancy joining.

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rebel rebel

Hayford & Rhodes

The sublime details in each brilliant bunch and bouquet belies Hayford & Rhodes’ 80 years of experience in the industry. With a distinctive luxury style, this is wedding floristry as it should be, subtle yet stunning, outstanding yet discreet, it’s these romantic touches that can make a memorable day unforgettable. Hayford & Rhodes are set for a special 2018.

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hayford and rhodes

Amie Bone Flowers

It’s no surprise that Amie Bone’s won awards for her gorgeous floristry as so many of her creations are pure poetry. Using a multitude of colours, styles and shapes, her free-flowing designs radiate the sort of natural beauty that sits as comfortably in luxury inner city venues as they do out in the countryside.

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amie bone flowers

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