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best uk wedding florists

The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Florists for 2018


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North West

Laurel Weddings

Laurel Weddings’ botanical stylings are simply gorgeous. Each wildflower-laden-bouquet is composed with all the care and attention to detail you’d expect of Laura MacPherson, a florist-in-chief with a mission to transform bride’s special days into something unexpected to help capture the feeling of the day. Bunches blooming from old candle holders? Yes pur-lease.

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laurel weddings

Natasha Coustol Floral Designs

This is wedding floristry to get the heart racing. Natasha Coustol’s delicate placement of her colourful blooms creates some exciting dynamics in her decorative bunches while her glorious bouquets of free-flowing wild flowers are packed with boho glamour. Deeply stylish and effortlessly beautiful, Natasha’s inventive designs are a worthy inclusion to our list for 2018.


natasha coustol


There are weddings where you give up a little ‘N’aaaw’ at the bride’s bouquet, and then there are weddings where your jaw hits the floor as you witness a venue transformed into an subtle landscape of floral creativity. Serendipity specialise in the latter, with styling options that range from table-top trees to luxurious boho hanging vine curtains.

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Wedding entertainers

Minnie Bees

It comes as no surprise that Minnie Bees’ floral designer Kirsty Berridge has won awards for her work when it looks this good. If you’re just after some light decoration, then Kirsty’s gentle touches can create a special atmosphere in your wedding venue but that’s not to say you won’t be tempted to let her unleash her full floral force and design a stunning installation for your special day.

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minnie bees

Lucy MacNicoll

Having won a prestigious National Wedding Industry Award in 2016, Lucy MacNicoll has pressed on and won our hearts as well with her outstanding floral creativity. Each design is crafted in a natural style using a variety of colours, textures and shapes to create a dynamic, signature look to your flowers on the happiest day of your life.

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lucy macnicoll

Mrs Bouquets

The team at Mrs Bouquets understand the vital role your wedding flowers play on your big day (they really can make or break your venue) so they work with you from the moment you say, ‘I will” to the moment you say, ‘I do” to transform your botanical fantasies into gorgeous realities. And if those fantasies involve giant bird cages and floral explosions then so be it!

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mrs bouquets

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