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The 50 Best UK Wedding Florists of 2017

The 50 Best UK Wedding Florists of 2017


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Now we can all pick out a bouquet of flowers but it takes an expert to know the colours, scents and arrangements that will bring a magical floral touch to your special day. That’s where the UK’s best wedding florists come into their own, transforming your venue into the botanical wonderland of your Pinterest fantasies.

To celebrate these talented individuals, GoHen have handpicked the blooming best of the bunch to showcase the 50 Top UK Wedding Florists of 2017!

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The Great British Florist

the great british floristThe Great British Florists work out of the acclaimed Duchy Estate deep in picturesque Herefordshire, providing the perfect selection of gorgeous blooms to pick from as they create some fabulous combinations of home-grown flowers for your wedding, wherever you’re planning to tie the knot. If you’re searching for a bouquet that looks as if it’s been freshly picked from a cottage garden, then these are the florists for you.

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the great british florist


interfloraProviding beautiful bouquets and amazing arrangements all over the globe, Interflora are one of the world’s most prestigious wedding floristries and boast an incredible team of award-winning florists. Whether your tastes are crisp, clean petals or a blooming bunch of wild flowers, Interflora can make your botanical dreams a reality.

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Paula Rooney

paula rooneyPaula Rooney’s storied career began 23 years ago, but today, she is one of the world’s leading luxury wedding florists and a mainstay on Pinterest boards everywhere. That’s because Paula’s signature style isn’t really a signature at all; it’s making sure your flowers are exactly how you want them to be while ensuring the design is completely original and unique to your bridal celebrations, from a heavenly scent to a beautiful aesthetic.

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paula rooney

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