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50 Amazing Wedding Facebook Pages to Follow Right Now

50 Top UK Wedding Social Accounts For 2017


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Wedding Make Up Artists

Flossy & Leigh | Facebook

Flossy & Leigh combined are the wedding industry’s equivalent of Zoella. Hear us out, they’re experts in the latest makeup styles, they only use the top brands and they genuinely feel like your best friend when they’re working with you. Which is absolutely what you need on the morning of your wedding. Facebook is the best place to cast an eye over their latest work, and catch the real brides who’ve had the privilege of sitting in their chair before their “I do”.

You can also find Flossy & Leigh on their…

Website | Twitter | Instagram

flossy and leigh

Brideology | Twitter

Struggling to decide how you’d like your hair and make up for your walk down the aisle? We can guarantee that you aren’t the only ones. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead just head over to Brideology’s Twitter and discover a huge range of popular hair designs and make up styles to add to your look books as well as real brides to see their stunning work with a brush in action!

You can also find Brideology on their…



Wedding Makeup Artists

Jenn Edwards | Pinterest

The award-winning team at Jenn Edwards are a unique partnership of six of the UK’s leading makeup and hair stylists. Not only does that sound good, but you can bet it looks good too, as they use the latest beauty techniques and products to create the amazing face you’re after. As such, Jenn Edwards’ Pinterest is a stunning online portfolio of their work, designed to inspire new ideas for your dream bridal look.

You can also find Jenn Edwards on their…


jenn edwards

Made Up by Cathryn

Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson is one of the North West’s most talented make-up artists. Her style is equal parts chic, stylish and unforgettable, using her high-end products not to create a brand new you, but to take your best bits and highlight them for all to see. Which is what everything from your shoes to your dress should aspire to do as well. Catch Made Up by Cathryn’s latest work on her beautiful Facebook page, and you might just find a few tips for your daily routines as well.

You can also find Made Up by Cathryn on their…

Laura Dawson Make Up | Facebook

A regional winner at the Scottish Wedding Awards 2017, Laura Dawson is in the prime of her career as an MUA – which is saying a lot considering she once worked as part of the famous Chanel Elite team! Laura’s brides are exceptionally glamorous, and her work with a palette and brush often ends with jaw-dropping results. But don’t take out word for it, simply hop over to her Facebook page to see her fully painted brides in all their glory.

You can also find Laura Dawson Make Up on their…

Twitter | Instagram

laura dawson make up

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