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50 Amazing Wedding Facebook Pages to Follow Right Now

50 Top UK Wedding Social Accounts For 2017


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Cake Designers

Bath Cake Company | Facebook

In the city where Mary Berry was born, is it any surprise that Bath’s leading wedding cake designers are this darn talented? The Bath Cake Company is a fantastically gifted kitchen, creating the South West’s prettiest bridal bakes whether you’re looking for a trendy naked cake laden with berries or a crisp, classic set of tiers complete with custom Mr & Mrs figures. Keep up with all the sugary goodness over on their mouth-watering Facebook page!

You can also find Bath Cake Company on their…

Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

bath cake company

Rosalind Miller | Twitter

She’s been making extraordinarily tasty waves in the wedding industry for years and her cakes are even stocked in Harrods; Rosalind Miller is a bridal baking virtuoso and her sponge creations are well worth following on Twitter. These award-winning designs are equal parts classic and innovative, eye-catching yet understated, trendy yet unique. In fact, Rosalind puts it best herself, these really are “edible works of art”.

You can also find Rosalind Miller on their…

Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

rosalind miller

UK wedding cake makers

Cotton & Crumbs | Instagram

Tracy James is as much of a dab hand with a camera as she is in the kitchen, judging by Cotton & Crumbs’ stunning Instagram. Focusing on that oh-so-pretty, classic style of wedding cake, Tracy’s award-winning designs really do brighten your day like only beautiful baking can, with elegant tiers, colourful sugar work and sublime marbling effects #nofilterrequired.

You can also find Cotton & Crumbs on their…


cotton and crumbs

Sugar Ruffles | Pinterest

Ah, the Lake District. Home of gorgeous lakes, Beatrix Potter and some of the UK’s most impressive wedding bakes. Cumbria based Sugar Ruffles are fabulously talented, with a series of awe-inspiring designs blooming with edible flowers as well as tumbling cascades of iced petals. The only problem is you might actually feel guilty for cutting into them, although rest assured it’s totally worth it for that sumptuous sponge.

You can also find Sugar Ruffles on their…

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

sugar ruffles

The Designer Cake Company | Facebook

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that The Designer Cake Company’s spectacular sugar flowers are real. They are that detailed. Add them to these pristine tiers and you’ve not only got the most beautiful wedding cakes in the North East, but some of the most perfect designs in all of the UK. Which is exactly what’ll be delivered to your timeline when you hit that like button, so what are you waiting for?

You can also find The Designer Cake Company on their…

Twitter | Instagram

the designer cake company

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