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16 of the Best Wedding Gadgets & Gizmos

16 of the Best Wedding Gadgets & Gizmos


Who doesn’t love a good gadget? You might already be running all your wedding planning using the latest wedding apps but just how does a tech savvy bride add some wow factor gadgetry to the big day?

Here’s a quick rundown of 16 of the best wedding gadgets and gizmos to add a few technical touches to the big day;


The huge increase in cameras like the GoPro means you can shoot your wedding from just about every angle, the groomsmen can get in on the act, these easy to use, lightweight cameras can be worn by the best man, carried on a selfie stick, taken onto the wedding dancefloor, or flown above the wedding party on a drone. You can even shoot some “Dad-Cam” footage by asking the father of the bride to take control or hide it in the bridal bouquet.
A really intimate way to capture the wedding without waving huge cameras at the guests.


Used already by wildlife photographers, you don’t need a BBC budget to capture some amazing images of your big day. Maplin have a really simply to use “Quadcopter” that has a built in camera.

Or you can combine the two as this amazing video shows.

YouTube video

© Video from Archifxllc.

Love Letters

While these love letters are much easier to use, they will have a totally dramatic effect on your big day. Created by the lovely team at LetterHire.com the 5 foot letters have fabulous Hollywood style lights inside that come in a range of colours to match your colour scheme.

Visit Letter Hire

love letters

© Image from LetterHire.

LED Wedding Dress

If it’s your dress you want to light up the room you can add LED’s. Designer Evey Rothstein creates incredible rock ‘n’ roll wedding dresses including these whimsical masterpieces that are made using fibre optic cables and partly inspired by the Disneyland light parade.

Visit Evey Clothing


© Image from Evey Clothing

Pimp the Groom

cufflinksNo we don’t mean send him to stand on a street corner, but if you’re looking to add a touch of ‘geek chic’ to the groom you can bling him up with flash drive cufflinks like these from the Cufflink-Shop.co.uk. And yes, they are working hard drives.

Or some funky laptop cufflinks from The Little Cufflink Shop are really cute and eye catching.

© Image from The Cufflink Shop

Projector Ring

Another piece of great groom tech jewellery that really stands out is the projector ring, created by Luke Jerram for his own wedding. By shining a light through the ring it can project images of the happy couple, wedding snaps or even photos of the couple’s future children.
It’s not his first ring project, the first ring he created was a talking ring, based on the principle of the first sound recording machine, Luke used the ring to propose to his now wife, in a hot air balloon over Bristol.
Sadly though Luke doesn’t make the rings for other couples despite all the requests he receives so you’ll just have to make your own.

projector ring

© Image from Luke Jerram

Geek Rings

custom madeThey say the geek shall inherit the earth, there are certainly plenty of us self-confessed geeks getting married and not choosing to stick with the “norm”. The wedding industry is now catering for couples who want to boldly go such as these incredible ring designs from CustomMade.

Visit CustomMade

© Image from CustomMade

Hands Free Drinking

wine yokeEver been at a party and found yourself with a wine glass in one hand, plate in the other and then tried to somehow flick the mini sausage roll off the plate and into your mouth without breaking etiquette? If you prefer to display a little more decorum then this ingenious glass holder could be the answer to your hands free drinking prayers.

© Image from WineYoke

Wedding Makeup Artists

Thumbprint Tree Gift

finger print tree

There’s no sci-fi trickery with this low-tech take on the guest book by FingerPrintTree.co.uk but it does keep a nearly scientific record of your guests.

Rather than simple signed pages this stylish and colourful image will look wonderful displayed in the newlywed’s home long after the confetti has landed.

© Image from Finger Print Tree

Cake Faces

cake faces

Keeping things personal, how about your own statues? No, nothing as grand as Trafalgar Column (which would be difficult to squeeze into the venue anyway). Totally Toppers make really tasteful, personalised wedding cake toppers out of clay which make a great talking point and wonderful keepsake.

Visit Totally Toppers

© Image from Totally Toppers

Phone Cases

phone cases

Phone cases are nothing new but we particularly like these Mr & Mrs cases available from etsy.

Visit Etsy

© Image from Etsy

Remember Ring

anniversary reminder

The groom can have no excuse for forgetting his anniversary with a Remember Ring which is designed to heat up in the build up to his anniversary, delivering a warming reminder and avoiding a cold night on the sofa.

© Image from Alaska Jewellery

UK wedding cake makers


We can’t begin to explain how much we love this amazing idea from UltraBooth.co.uk. We could explain this but it’s more fun to just watch, in fact it’s impossible to watch one of their fantastic marryoke wedding videos without smiling. Go on, try it…

Visit Ultra Booth

YouTube video

Memory Sticks

If you want to give all your guests a little memory of their day, why not send it on a memory stick. Upload videos, photos and more onto these customised USB memory sticks which can be made in leather, wood, wristbands and all kinds of ingenious designs from USB2U.

Visit USB2U

memory sticks

© Image from USB2U

Smart Projector

smart projector

This handy little gismo allows you to instantly watch wedding footage recorded on a smartphone. The only downside is that sports loving guys can also project live football matches… Although it might keep them off the dancefloor. Available from Handpicked Collection.

© Image from Handpicked Location

Wedding Print

wedding print

These beautiful prints are a little bit different but make for wonderful gifts. Personalised with the coordinates, date and wedding venue they come in range of trendy colours and frames from The Drifting Bear Co.

Visit The Drifting Bear

© Image from The Drifting Bear

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