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The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Cake Designers 2017

October 5, 2017
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South West & Wales

Curtis & Co Cakes

If done well enough, cake can transform into art, and Jennie Brooks’ award-winning baking is certainly a great example of that. Her pristine white tiers with their perfect frosting are usually illustrated with a pretty floral design with blossoming sugar petals and bulbs to add a special 3D touch. Jennie takes classic designs and upgrades them for the modern day in her own amazing imaginative way. This is what romance looks like in cake form.

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From her humble beginnings baking a Christmas cake in 6th form home economics, JellyCake’s leading lady Trudy has transformed into one of the UK’s best wedding bakers. It doesn’t matter whether the theme is rustic, classic or alternative, Trudy always finds a way to add the special touches that’ll make your wedding cake stand out from the rest in your photos. Her birch effect cake in particular has got our pulses racing.

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Fancie Buns Cakery

There’s some things you should know about Emma. She’s a huge Friendsfan, she’s got a super varied taste in music and her wedding cakes are simply uh-mazing. These are luxurious, elegant, towering bakes that are genuinely quite breath-taking. The overall composition of her cakes is some of the best on this list and it’s simply mind-blowing thinking about all the tiny details that go into them. Luckily, we just get to gawp and admire.

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Bath Cake Company

Bath’s resident cake-creating maestros have once again wowed us with their beautiful wedding designs in 2017, elaborating on the contemporary bakes of last year to make what we believe is some of their best work ever. There’s the classic cakes dressed in ribbons and ruffles, towers of handmade macaroons and (our personal favourite) an updated take on the rustic trend with cream-frosted tiers on an oak base, dressed in flowers both real and made of sugar.

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Sandra Monger

Well if our little hometown of Bath isn’t fast becoming one of the UK’s cake capitals. Sandra Monger, also based in our gorgeous Georgian city, is an award-winning baker with a penchant for creating extravagant displays of cake that just do things to our emotions. Cascades of sugar flowers erupt from the peaks of her tiers, textured frosting creates a dynamic look and feel, while in her stunning birdcage cake, Sandra’s creativity is on full show.

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The Vanilla Pod Bakery

Having won the Best Cake Company category in this year’s UK Wedding Awards, The Vanilla Pod Bakery are on top form in 2017, producing the kind of cakes that are usually reserved for celebrity wedding photos. Tailoring their bakes to the bride and groom, each design represents something in the happy couple’s personality that their guests will be able to recognise. All with an added dose of dripped frosting for good measure.

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Wish Upon a Cupcake

Wish Upon a Cupcake’s precise designs are crisp, classic and effortlessly stylish with trendy cake toppers and beautifully placed bouquets of sugar petals that blossom between their tiers. There’s clearly an abundance of creativity in husband-and-wife-team Carly and Andy’s kitchen and it shows in their more outlandish cakes that have included oak-barrel-style tiers and even a Unicorn design… We want one!

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Wedding Makeup Artists

Judith Bond Cakes

We think Judith Bond’s philosophy on cake is absolutely right. Like us, she thinks that you can create lasting memories of cake and her designs are most certainly unforgettable. Judith’s tiers of sponge are expertly made to measure and her ruffles of frosting are a subtle but stylish touch that adds a beautiful texture to each bake. Add a handful of seasonal flowers and you’ve got a cake that deserves its place in the happiest day of your life.

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Scrum Diddly

There’s a rumble in the Mumbles and it’s coming from Scrum Diddly’s super-talented baking workshop. The artist behind the cake, Michelle Walker, is an award-winning cake designer with 15 years of experience in the wedding industry. In that time, she’s really enhanced her amazing bakes and creates some amazing effects like rustic silver birch, white and gold floral patterns and laced frosting to add that last extra special touch. Prepare to be wowed!


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