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The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Cake Designers 2017

October 5, 2017
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South East

Little Boutique Bakery

Jennie Louise Bishop’s frosted fingers have lovingly crafted some of the South East’s prettiest wedding bakes in recent years and she’s once again impressed us in 2017 with her stunning attention to detail and her contemporary yet classic style. Whether she’s crafting gorgeous sugar flowers, offsetting her pristine tiers or simply placing some wild fruits on a naked cake, it’s all done with real passion and a healthy dose of panache.

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Melissa Woodland Cakes

What we love about Melissa Woodland is her range. Whether she’s creating a rustic-luxe bake laden with berries, a crisp, classic, pristine tower of tiers or a spectacular showcase of sugar modelling and close frosting work, it all just looks so perfect. It seems that there’s no bake too big or small for Melissa and she’s a much-deserved member of our top 50 wedding cake designers.

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TY Couture Cakes

When cake goes beyond being ‘just cake’ and becomes something that your guests remember long after the confetti has blown away, you know you’ve got something special on your hands. TY Couture create bakes of the OMG variety, with towering stacks of sponge, ruffled frosting, stunning (and mouth-watering) arrangements of sugar flowers in a flavour of your choosing. Just incredible.

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Crème de la Cakes

Crème de la Cakes do wedding bakes less ordinary. We’re talking cakes split in half with colourful arrangements of sugar flowers resting inside, we’re talking princess-inspired cakes with sugar modelled bead necklaces and intricate frosting details, we’re talking cakes hanging from the ceiling inside giant birdcages. There is nothing that Crème de la Cakes cannot achieve in the world of wedding cakes and you need their work on your Pinterest boards right now.

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Not easy to say with a full mouth of cake! Choccywoccydoodah create stunning centrepieces of chocolate sponge that range from the gothic and abstract to sculptural and floral inspired cakes. We’re particularly enamoured with the all-white cakes, these are where Choccywoccydoodah really flex their creative muscle and let their baking imaginations run wild to an astounding effect. Who knew it was possible to fall in love with cake?

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Karen’s Cakes

Karen Burton has been perfecting her wedding cakes for over 30 years so we think she’s pretty darn qualified to amaze your guests with pristine white tiers, semi-naked butter creamed bakes or her drop-dead-gorgeous arrangements of cupcakes. Although if you’re looking for something truly special, we’d recommend taking a look at Karen’s stunning showstopper collections, for which we definitely think she’d get a Paul Hollywood handshake.

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Sylvia’s Kitchen

Liz Chatfield, the driving force behind Sylvia’s Kitchen, is a true expert when it comes to perfectly tailoring her cakes to her happy couples. All you need to do is take a quick flick through her portfolio to see the sheer range of distinct bakes to know the effort that goes into making sure each cake is perfect for the bride and groom. And it goes without saying that they are all absolutely stunning, with sugar work befitting of a member of The British Sugarcraft Guild.

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Odiham Cake Company

Gareth Jones. Remember that name. This man is an absolute genius when it comes to baking and can seemingly shape sponge into any form your heart desires, even large-scale cake sculptures are made possible when Gareth’s running the show. He loves creating cakes that fit the theme of your special day too, so whether your wedding is going to be traditional, rustic or something altogether different, Odiham Cake Company will create the perfect baked masterpiece.

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