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Hen Of The Month - Andrea

GoHen’s Hen Of The Month – July 2023


Introducing our incredible Hen of the Month winner for July, Andrea!👑

Hen Of The Month - Andrea
Drinks on the train!

Andrea’s Story…❤

We were really moved by Andrea’s story and are very grateful to her for sharing this with us.

Andrea had no idea about her nomination for the Hen of the Month competition – her sister, Fiona, put her forward in secret to shine a light on her after everything she’s been through…

“She was brave and strong in both her fight against cancer and going through chemotherapy.”

“Andrea has used all her superpowers to not let anything get in the way of her dreams, passion, and focus.”

“On her hen weekend, we dressed her up in a Supergirl costume to mark the challenging journey she has been through and her strength in her battles.”

Andrea & her hens on Brighton Pier
Andrea & her hens on Brighton Pier

Andrea said:
“I was surprised and really appreciated all the organising Fiona did. I had a big smile on my face when she emailed me!!”

So much admiration for you, Andrea. Well done for being so strong!

Andrea’s Big Brighton Celebration!🎉

Now, let’s check out all the fun stuff she got up to!

Andrea’s Activities…

Butler in the Buff 👀

“Prior to arrival, Terry communicated with me to explain the initial surprise game. He instantly made the group feel relaxed in his company and very friendly and HIGHLY entertaining.”

“Everyone enjoyed themselves and it made the evening memorable for everyone.”

Shout out to Terry, sounds like you were a hit with these ladies!😍

The Bride To Be & Buff Butler!
The Bride To Be & Buff Butler!

Bubble Mayhen 🤩

“Our coach had a great personality which matched the style of the group. We really enjoyed the activity, and the coach gave lots of reassurance to everyone who needed it the most – I think his genuine encouragement influenced everyone to ‘give it a go’ and take part in something they would not otherwise have done.”

“The whole group said that they really enjoyed the activity.”

“We were all shy to start, then we got right into it and we were throwing ourselves into each other!”

Hilarious moments during Bubble Mayhen!
Hilarious moments during Bubble Mayhen!

Andrea’s Accommodation…🏡

Pebble House

“We thought the accommodation was cosy and comfortable. We highly rated the apartment – perfect location and enjoyed spending time there.”

Pebble House is situated minutes from the pier and the best of Brighton.

Andrea’s Hen Highlights…✨

Butler in the Buff!

“The highlights of the weekend were the two activities of Butler in the Buff and Bubble Mayhen. The butler was very cheeky and the naughty games made us all giggle!”

“We won’t forget his toned bum for a long time!”

Bubble Mayhen!

“The Bubble Mayhen activity made us sweat and raised our blood pressure. We laughed so much when rolling around in bubbles that we literally wet ourselves!”

Hopefully, that’s figuratively and not literally… 😂

Bubble Mayhen Fun!
Bubble Mayhen Fun!

Favourite Memories…💝

“All the girls out dancing together. Everyone got on and we made new friends, too.”

“Skinny dipping! Will never get married again so why not lol!”

Absolutely love that, Andrea! Sounds like you and your girls had the time of your lives on your Brighton weekend!

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