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Bridal Heroes 2018

December 4, 2018
bridal heroes 2018
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Wedding Photography

Andy Li Photography

Rock n’ Roll Bride, Boho Weddings, Zank You, the list of those queuing up to sing the praises of Andy Li is endless. It’s no wonder that as well as making our Wedding Photography Top 50 he’s back again as one of our Bridal Heroes. A brief scroll through his Instagram feed and you’ll be “oohing” and “aahing” and enjoying the sheer happiness he packs into every photo.

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andy li photography

Chris Barber Photography

Wedding photography has really evolved over the last 10 years and it’s thanks to pioneers like Chris Barber. Quite how he always seems to manage to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time is uncanny, but he takes photography to the next level and fills every frame with life, totally capturing those moments you’ll treasure for ever. A true photographic hero.

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chris barber photography

Marianne Chua Photography

If weddings should do one main thing (apart from all the legal malarkey) it should be to bring people together and make them smile. Marianne Chua’s photography really does capture every joyous moment. And it’s contagious. Yes, we’re taken to digitally stalking her and there’s rarely one of her Facebook posts we don’t click on.

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marianne chua

David Pullum Photography

Possibly the king of romantic wedding photography, David Pullum’s photography swings from the dramatic to the intimate and can really capture the story of your special day. If you want that one shot that will really sum up the majesty of your day then David is your man, it’s no wonder he’s won a camera bag full of awards this year alone.

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david pullum photography

Andy Turner Photography

Some photographers capture ‘snaps’ but Andy Turner is all about capturing moods. Incredible, visceral moments caught in a lens and recorded for you to enjoy forever. Andy’s real genius is using his camera for ‘creative storytelling’, painting pictures that gradually build up the whole event. And according to his many happy couples, he does it all while being virtually invisible.

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andy turner photography

Christian Michael

You’ll never hear Christian Michael ask “Can we have the bride’s mother please?” If you want staged photos and people stand in rows, he isn’t your man. If you want a click by click account of your magical event, capturing the whole day as it happens then check him out. It’s also worth following him on Instagram just because it will make you smile. It really will. A worthy addition to this year’s ultimate wedding heroes.


christian michael

Chris Giles

Chris Giles photography does something that all good wedding photos should do, make you smile. He doesn’t settle for the staring into the distance longingly together, he gets to the essence of the event, waits for your crazy relatives to do what they do best and then he brings it all to life in a wonderfully warm way. And yeah there’s laughter, if laughing at great wedding photos is wrong we don’t want to be right! 

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chris giles

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