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wedding facebook pages to follow

50 Amazing Wedding Facebook Pages to Follow Right Now


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Rock the Frock | @rockthefrockbridal

If you thought picking your venue was hard then just wait until it’s time to find a bridal gown you love. Luckily, Rock the Frock make this so easy and fun, which is exactly the way it should be. Their Facebook page is where you’ll find their best designs and sharing your favourite dresses with the girls is made easier than ever. Plus seeing videos of their gowns in action is a huge bonus that you don’t always get elsewhere.

rock the frock

Victoria Millesime | @VictoriaMillesime

Looking for that special something to finish off your bridal look? Victoria Millesime’s unique collection of hairpieces and other stunning jewellery can complete your style on the happiest day of your life. There’s something for every taste on their Facebook page and you never know, through their excellent photos and videos you might just find an unexpected piece that you adore.

victoria millesime

Little Black Dress | @TeamLBD

There are wedding dresses, and then there are the wedding dresses that suit your individual style. Little Black Dress aim to help you find the latter with their fabulous selection of bridal gowns that range from classic designs to more contemporary styles for modern brides. Their Facebook page is the perfect way to inject a little inspiration into your timeline and keep an eye on all the upcoming looks that you might fall in love with.

little black dress

Heartfelt Vintage

A vintage wedding dress boutique that doubles up as a tea room (best idea ever?), Bristol’s Heartfelt Vintage is the perfect place for South West brides to peruse some of the coolest retro gowns out there and if you follow their Facebook page, you’ll have their very best landing in your timeline on a daily basis. Along with all their amazing cake. It’s truly a win/win situation.

heartfelt vintage

Krystle Brides | @KrystleBrides

Based in our beautiful hometown of Bath, Krystle Brides have something for every bride whether they like their wedding dresses retro-chic or modern and classy. If you can’t get down to the South West to see their fabulous parlour in person, their very best gowns are featured on their Facebook page in some brilliant videos and posts, as well as the upcoming designs you need to know about.

krystle brides

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