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50 Best Alternative UK Wedding Suppliers

50 Best Alternative UK Wedding Suppliers


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South West & Wales

Love Lotus – Glamping Tents

Ah yes, #weddingfest is really coming along! But if you’re in need of a place for your guests to sleep after all the dad dancing is done then look no further than Love Lotus’ funky alternative tents. This eco-friendly glamping accommodation is fabulously designed, with chic little decorative touches and from the outside alone look extremely photogenic. It’s luxury and convenience wrapped up in garlic-bulb-shaped tent of joy.

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love lotus

Blue Fizz Events – Wedding Planning

Not everybody has the time to put towards planning their boho wonderland of a wedding. If you’re one of those people, then you need to give Tracy and the team at Blue Fizz Events a call. With your help, they’ll design an incredible and unique day for you and your husband-to-be whether you love the idea of vintage glamour or you’ve been daydreaming of a decidedly different rustic celebration of your commitment to each other.

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blue fizz events

Kushi Cars – Wedding Transport

Arrive at your wedding in vintage glamour with Kushi Cars. You’ve planned the perfect festival wedding, so why break trend now? This kitsch Indian Ambassador is a delightfully retro drive decorated with exotic flowers on the front, while the interiors are decked out in a beautiful boho Indian style with striking gold and red fabrics. It’s vintage elegance and effortless funk on four wheels.

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kushi cars

Emma Stoner – Wedding Photography

Where other wedding photographers might not understand that you’re doing your day just a tad differently, Emma Stoner celebrates your uniqueness and captures it perfectly in her gorgeous photography. What really stands out is her ability to tell the story of your special day, and actually what you’re left with at the end of your celebration is almost a still-image-movie of your wedding.

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emma stoner

Kate Cullen – Wedding Styling

If you’re planning on going DIY all over your wedding (you go girl!) then you need to take a look at Kate Cullen’s amazing styling accessories. These silks and ribbons can transform a tipi, make a wedding festival fabulous or make a rustic day in the country ravishing. Or if you’re not planning on hanging on to these linens, you can even hire them and return them after your event. It’s fully customisable, making this the ideal service for alternative brides and grooms.

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kate cullen

Fforest – Wedding Venues

We think we’ve found Wales’ best wedding venues, if not some of the best in the whole of the UK. What makes Fforest’s three locations so special is that they are each unique and can create a different kind of day depending on the style you’re going for. Festival brides will love the farm with its woodland locale and rustic feel, while boho brides will adore the coast location with stunning sea views and kitsch indoor spaces. Or for modern vintage, we’re in love with the quayside, a totally original blend of rustic tipis, old buildings and waterside views.

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