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The 100 Best Wedding Social Accounts

The 100 Best Wedding Social Accounts


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The Singing Staff | Facebook

the singing staff

Just imagine it. Your guests have sat down to dinner, they’re wondering where the wedding entertainment is and suddenly the waiter handing them their dessert bursts into song! See these fabulous entertainers in action on their often hilarious Facebook.

George Simpson | YouTube

george simpson

‘Gorgeous’ George Simpson is the dreamy soundtrack we’d all love to have on our wedding day. Whether his creating your first dace or belting out favourites to get everyone on the dance floor there’s plenty to admire. And we do!

The Moon Loungers | YouTube

the moon loungers

These laid-back guitarists can get the party started in a big way in the evening but they can also provide a soft soundtrack for the bride’s walk up the aisle as well. See the best of this award winning band on YouTube.

You can also find The Moon Loungers on Facebook & Twitter.

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