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L Plate Accessory at a hen do

Why Do Hens Wear L Plates?


The Story Behind the Iconic Hen Accessory…

Love them or hate them, L plates are an iconic hen party accessory.

They’re a throwback hen tradition and are still super popular amongst groups in 2024.

But why do hens wear L plates?

Why not a traffic cone or another random car-related accessory?

Let’s find out!

L plate on bride

Why Do Hen Parties Have L Plates?

Traditionally, the bride would wear an L plate at the hen party because she’s a ‘learner’ when it comes to marriage and won’t get her P plates until the wedding day.

Also, back in the day, couples didn’t always live together pre-wedding and there was the whole ‘no sex before marriage’ thing, so the L plates worked on a number of levels.

Like them or loathe them, they’ve been a hen party staple for years and they ain’t going anywhere.

Why are L Plates Good for a Hen Do?

Whether you’re a fan or the bride rocks it ironically, it’ll make sure she’s centre stage and has big attention on her.

A bold red ‘L’ isn’t exactly subtle, so it makes for the perfect hen night accessory.

And, hey, at least you won’t lose her on any night-out antics!

Other Iconic Accessories

  • Party Sashes – The perfect accessory if you want to turn heads! Because what’s bolder than ‘bride-to-be’ imprinted in gold on a shiny satin sash?! Be sure to check out our favourite hen party sashes and find the style that suits your vibe.
Team Hen party sashes
  • A Veil – Last sail before the veil! You only have your bride-to-be era once, so you may as well shout about it from the rooftops!
Team Hen 'Bride-to-be' veil
  • Headbands – Want something a little more subtle that still makes that sparkly bridal statement? These rhinestone letters will gleam, making you shine that much brighter!
Team Hen 'Bride-to-be' Headband
  • Glasses – Get the girls involved with this one. Just think of all the cool Insta pics you can get with matching pairs. Whip these out in the sun and it will be the ultimate hen do mood.
Team Hen glasses
  • Hats – From sun hats, cool caps and even cowboy hats for those last rodeo hens, hats is an iconic addition to any hen party.
Team Hen Bride hat

Get Your Bride Squad Looking On Point…

You simply can’t go wrong with some matching hen do tees!

They’re a great keepsake to look back on the best weekend ever. Have the bride in white and the rest in black or pink – you’ll look the part, trust us!

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bride retro t-shirt

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Need Some Hen Do Inspo?

Whether you wanna go classy or a hard-core hen, we have ALL the ingredients to plan you a hen do of a lifetime!

Head to GoHen.com now and get the ball rolling on your big weekend away or give one of our hen do experts a call on 01225 474200 and put us to the test.

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