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What is a buddymoon

What is a Buddymoon? The Latest Wedding Craze…


First babymoons now buddymoons… what’s next… doggymoons?

… (we’re actually so down for this, thinking about it!) …

But we’re here to talk about the buddymoon – the latest honeymoon trend taking the newly-wed world by storm.

What is one? And where has it come from?

Well, here at GoHen, we’re massive fans of the buddymoon craze (guilty!), so we took it upon ourselves to answer all and any questions you’ve got.

Scroll on and find out all there is to know about the buddymoon revolution!

What is a buddymoon?

What is a Buddymoon?

A buddymoon is a honeymoon but with all your buddies in tow. Sounds like a vibe, right?!

Think of it as your hen and stag do 2.0.

However, this time you’re all together and, most importantly, you’re with your shiny new spouse.

Buddymoons have boomed in popularity with people getting married abroad (well, you’ve already asked your friends to fly out and celebrate with you – you may as well carry on the party afterwards), but they’re starting to become popular with people getting wed in the UK, too.

Buddymoon Over Honeymoon?

Step aside, Honeymoon, you’ve had your moment in the sun.

You and your new partner will have the rest of your lives to hang out – the post-wedding period should be party time!

Yes, you could go on a romantic trip to Antigua or the Algarve, but why not celebrate with your nearest and dearest with a city break, road trip or even at a festival instead?!

It’s pretty non-traditional, but times change.

You probably aren’t holding off living with your partner until you’re married (which used to be pretty damn traditional), and there are probably a few other things you haven’t held off doing either.

So, a buddymoon? Yeah, why tf not!

What is a buddymoon?

Is a Buddymoon a Bad Omen?

An anti-buddymoon argument we’ve heard is that inviting your mates along on your honeymoon is an admission you can’t spend any alone time together…

… but we ain’t having that.

OK, some couples might not enjoy hanging out (Red Flag), but a lot of couples who want a buddymoon simply see it as a great opportunity to celebrate with their mates.

There’s going to be plenty of time for just the two of you in what will hopefully be a long and happy marriage, this is just about doing something different.

Top Buddymoon Tips

How Do You Decide?

With your partner, of course!

You need to be certain that you’re both on board with this honeymoon alternative.

It’s a big decision.

If you’re both sociable people and close with each other’s friends and family, then a buddymoon really would be an epic shout.

Who Do You Invite?

Mutually agree on who you’ll invite and split the numbers between you so no one ends up being the awkward tag-along.

Agree on a few pals each (and not anyone that your now wife/husband dislikes, obvs!).

Cause, let’s be honest, there’s always at least one they have beef with.

What if We Want Alone Time?

Then go on a honeymoon.

Don’t invite your friends on a buddymoon and then ignore them the whole holiday.

That’s probably about as rude as it gets.

Plus, they won’t want to be stuck on the third wheel!

Yeah, have a bit of alone time, but this is a group getaway at the end of the day.

Where to Go on the Buddymoon?

If you’re lucky enough to have a destination wedding, then it would be wise to extend your celebrations whilst you’re there.

Alternatively, choose a location near the wedding venue. Some of your guests may have travelled a fair distance already, so won’t be feeling any more major travel (especially on a wedding party hangover!).

What is a buddymoon?

Our Top 5 Buddymoon Ideas

  1. Carry On the Holiday – As we’ve mentioned, if you’re having a destination wedding, you could just carry on the holiday out there as you explore some of the local sights and cities with your pals along for the ride.
  2. Quick City Break – If you’re having a UK wedding, why not suggest a city break? You can fly to a lot of European destinations pretty quickly and cheaply, so it won’t be too much of a commitment for your mates.
  3. Road Trip – Or why not take a road trip? This works for a UK wedding and a destination wedding. Pile into one car or head off in a convoy as you do some exploring.
  4. Go to a Festival – Who doesn’t love a festival? It’s a great buddymoon option as there’s something for everyone and you guys don’t have to be the main focus for the whole celebration.
  5. Hire a Country House – Why not hire a country cottage and enjoy an extended weekend playing games, going for walks and relaxing after the stressful wedding period? Make sure it’s got a hot tub, fire pit and BBQ (the essentials!).

So, are you swayed?

Buddymoons might turn out to be the new norm before we know it!

Before the Buddymoon Comes the Hen Do!

Here at GoHen, we’ve not only been planning some of the greatest hen parties the world has ever seen, we’ve also planned some of the greatest hag parties about.

Sten and hag parties are joint stag and hen dos where the bride and groom celebrate together.

So, if you’re thinking about a buddymoon, a sten or hag celebration might be perfect for you.

Head to GoHen.com now to get the ball rolling on those big pre-wedding parties before you even think about the post-wedding getaway!

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