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The UK's Top 50 Wedding Cake Designers 2016

The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Cake Designers 2016


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Liggy’s Cake Company


All of Liggy’s wedding cakes are designed, baked and decorated in artisan boutiques in either Glasgow and Edinburgh by a team of expert bakers. This means that Liggy’s not only offers an incredibly high standard of service, but their bakes are just gorgeous, with pretty lace, sugar flowers and floating cascades of white hydrangeas.

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These are A-Cakes for the A-list. Even Amy MacDonald is a fan of the work coming out of Ashleigh’s kitchen and it’s not difficult to see why when it’s so beautifully designed. After a short career in modelling (Ashleigh is a former Miss Glasgow) the leading lady turned her hands to baking after just one class and never looked back, creating some of Scotland’s prettiest wedding cakes with delightful sugar pasting.

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