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The UK’s Best Wedding Accessories For 2017

The UK’s Best Wedding Accessories For 2017


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You’ve got the perfect wedding dress, now it’s time to find the perfect shoes, tiaras, lingerie and handbag to go with it. There’s even trendy alternative venue decorations, stationary and wedding favours to make sure your surrounds look just as gorgeous as you do.

To celebrate the most stylish bridal extras, GoHen would like to present the UK’s Best Wedding Accessories for 2017.


Add a little sparkle to your outfit…

Aye Do Weddings

aye do weddingsThis wonderfully talented company describe themselves perfectly, “accessories to make your day”. And they’ll do just that with gorgeous jewellery designed to add a little something extra to your chosen bridal gown with oh-so-pretty and personalised bracelets for you and your bridesmaids that’ll serve as a fab reminder of your perfect “aye do”.

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aye do weddings

Lily Luna

lily lunaWorking out of their Edinburgh based boutique, Lily Luna have some of the UK’s trendiest wedding jewellery for you to gawp at in the lead up to your day with everything from vintage-chic, art deco style earrings to in-vogue geometric pattern necklaces for a unique, modern edge on the big day. Floral bracelets? Cute. Pearl and crystal jewellery named after Game of Thrones characters? #TotesAmazeballs.

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lily luna

Olivier Laudus

olivier laudusThis is the kind of jewellery that if you just happened to bump into Kimmy K, she’d ask “where did you get that from?”. Olivier Laudus’ designs have a distinct, luxurious style with perfect pendants, beautiful bracelets, brooches, rings and necklaces for you to wear for your walk down the aisle with A-list confidence. Certainly a designer worth “keeping up with”…

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olivier laudus

Glitzy Secrets

giltzy secretsPssssst, don’t tell anybody, but these Glitzy Secrets aren’t so secret anymore! Their sublime tiaras were featured on Downton Abbey but for us it’s the award-winning wedding jewellery that’s worth spilling the beans for. We’re talking about dainty earrings, gorgeous bangles and Hollywood style diamond necklaces for a femme fatale bride – but we didn’t tell you that!

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glitzy secrets

Wedding Makeup Artists

Jon Richard

jon richardJust when you think you’ve seen it all, Jon Richard comes along and shows us something new. This collection of bridal jewellery is creative, modern and oh-so-trendy making it the perfect final touch for a fashionable bride’s outfit. But there really is something for every woman here, whether that’s two-tone mixed metal bands and necklaces, or more classic designs using jaw dropping Swarovski Crystals.

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jon richard

Vivien J

vivien jFast approaching a decade of dressing gorgeous brides in her equally stunning jewellery, the Wedding Industry Award Winning mother and daughter team behind Vivien J is showing no signs of slowing down with an amazing collection of handcrafted pieces to add a little something different to your attire on the special day.

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vivien j


confettiAs well as being the perfect wedding planning resource for nearly-married brides up and down the country, the bridal experts at Confetti.co.uk also have a stunning collection of jewellery to add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to your look. But what’s even more special is the range of totally chic, personalised acrylic ring boxes for a stylish memento of your happy day for years to come.

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Sell My Wedding

sell my weddingPre-bought, pre-worn, pre-loved. We adore Sell My Wedding. All their beautiful jewellery once belonged to brides just like you, meaning that each individual piece, whether it’s stunning rings, bracelets or a simple yet glamorous back necklace, has its own story to tell, and it’s just waiting to become a part of yours.

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sell my wedding

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