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The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Photographers 2016

The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Photographers 2016


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Duncan Kerridge

Style: Contemporary
Where: UK & Europe

duncan kerridgeOver the last eleven years, Duncan’s spent more than 354 days documenting weddings in locations all over the world in all manner of venues from windmills to tepees! His contemporary style is fun, light-hearted and really captures the sheer joy of finally tying the knot you’ll be able to relive for years and years to come.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

duncan kerridge

© Image from Duncan Holder

Ross Harvey

Style: Contemporary
Where: UK, Europe & destination

ross harveyFine art; it’s more commonly found in galleries and museums but that’s the best way to describe Ross’s amazing work with a camera. His magical photography sings from the canvas and he brings out the happy tears, gorgeous smiles and the quieter, serene moments of the wedding with ease. Just gorgeous!

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

ross harvey

© Image from Ross Harvey

Mike Garrard

Style: Documentary
Where: UK & destination

mike gerrardNow here’s a wedding photographer with the “wow” factor who knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera. His documentary style gives you an authentic and beautiful look back at the big day while aside from the rare (and absolutely stunning) posed shots you won’t even realise he’s there.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

mike garrard

© Image from Mike Gerrard

Mark Wallis

Style: Reportage, documentary
Where: UK

mark wallisLife isn’t posed, the smiles shouldn’t be fake (unless you’re trying your mother-in-law’s cooking for the first time) and neither is Mark Wallis’ fabulous photography. With Mark, the bride and groom can enjoy their wedding without being pulled away for awkwardly posed photos and the end result is gorgeous, honest pictures of the happiest day of their lives.

Website | Twitter

mark wallis

© Image from Mark Wallis

Samuel Docker

Style: Documentary, reportage
Where: UK & abroad

samual dockerThe best moments on a wedding day “just happen” and there’s nothing worse than seeing those lost. Samuel Docker has the unwavering knack of being in just the right place at just the right time to hold those moments in his lens and turn them into wonderful images. His reportage style (with a hint of fine-art) will tell the story of the day as it unfolds in a natural and discrete way.

Twitter | Instagram

samuel docker

© Image from Samual Docker

Juliet McKee

Style: Contemporary
Where: London & The South East

juliet mckeeWhat we love about Juliet is that in every one of her photos you can see a real passion and verve for weddings. She’s there to catch every loving look, every smile and the sheer joy after months of planning all comes together in one unforgettable day.

Website | Twitter | Instagram

juliet mckee

© Image from Juliet McKee

Mark Seymour

Style: Documentary
Where: UK & destination

mark seymour‘Natural, classic, timeless, storytelling images’ Mark is the first UK wedding photographer with a double fellowship and master craftsman. Mark was also the first ambassador for documentary wedding photography for Nikon UK. Mark will ensure your unique story is captured in stunning unposed images that will give you a lifetime of memories filled with emotion, whilst you enjoy your day with your family and friends.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

mike seymour

© Image from Mark Seymour

David Pullum

Style: Reportage
Where: London, UK & Europe

david pullumWedding photography is just as much about capturing the people as it is the occasion and that’s exactly how David booked his place in GoHen’s top 50. His amazing snaps really allow the personalities of the bride and groom to shine through. His work has also gained him celebrity fans such as James Corden, Joe Hart, Robbie Williams and Darren Bent.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

david pullum

© Image from David Pullum

Allister Freeman

Style: Reportage, contemporary
Where: London & UK

allister freemanThe thing that struck us about Allister Freeman is how much attention he pays to the smallest details; the make-up, the straightening of the bow-tie, the nervous glass of bubbly with the bridesmaids and the moment where the groom lays eyes on the bride are all caught in his unique, creative blend of contemporary reportage.

Website | Twitter | Pinterest

allister freeman

© Image from Allister Freeman

David Stubbs

Style: Documentary
Where: Manchester & UK

david stubbsThe joy, the tears and the smiles, it’s all plain to see in David Stubbs’ amazing documentary style photography. GoHen loves the genuine emotion, the unique-ness of each happy couple and with pictures so perfectly timed, it’s hard to believe that not one of them was staged.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

david stubbs

© Image from David Stubbs

wedding bloggers

Jamie Bott

Style: Reportage, documentary
Where: UK & international

jamie bottBeing able to capture a single photo that can bring the whole day back to life is a very rare talent indeed. Jamie Bott does it in so many of the photos he presents to his happy couples. While he’s there for the elegant, romantic shots, it’s the quirky and unusual parts of his portfolio that show how dedicated he is to catching every aspect of the wedding.

Facebook | Twitter

jamie bott

© Image from Jamie Bott

Marianne Taylor

Style: Reportage, contemporary
Where: London & Cornwall

marianne taylorWe’d love to see through the lens of Marianne Taylor if only to get a look at the inner workings of this fabulously creative photographer. Her contemporary reportage makes each of her weddings a wonderland of colour with no shortage of luxury style… Marianne’s portfolio is worth looking at for the spectacular venues alone!

Website | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

marianne taylor

© Image from Marianne Taylor

Cotton Candy Wedding Photography

Style: Contemporary
Where: UK

cotton candyAuthentic, contemporary photography that gets to the very heart of the big day. This dynamic duo captures the real emotions of your guests without so much as a pose and when it’s time for group shots they’ll never go “traditional” preferring to let the cheeky humour of the bride and groom shine through.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

cotton candy wedding photography

© Image from Cotton Candy Wedding Photography

Rebecca Wedding Photography

Style: Contemporary
Where: UK

rebecca weddingThese are some of the prettiest wedding photos that GoHen have seen! With soft lighting, colourful contrasts and beautiful portraits, Rebecca knows how to capture all parts of the day great and small for a lifetime, “creating a good mixture of natural moments”.

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

rebecca wedding photography

© Image from Rebecca Wedding Photography

Lisa Dawn Photography

Style: Contemporary, reportage
Where: Bath, UK & abroad

lisa dawnArtistic, creative, vintage, inventive… There really is no end to the adjectives we could use to describe Lisa & Scott’s stunning camera work. This husband and wife team marry their unique backgrounds in multimedia and fine art photography to create amazing memoirs of the essence of the event. It’s a true art form and if you’re lucky enough to have Lisa & Scott at your big day you’ll be left with images to cherish.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

lisa and scott dawn

© Image from Lisa and Scott Dawn

Nick Rutter

Style: Reportage, contemporary
Where: Dorset, Hampshire, UK & destination

nick rutterNick has made a solemn oath to “never shoot the same location twice” when it comes to his unique engagement shoots. And he really is sticking to it. The result is original unique pictures, both wedding and engagement shoot in Nick’s gorgeous reportage style. For Nick, no two weddings are ever the same so you get a totally unique portrayal of your big day captured in his amazing style.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

nick rutter

© Image from Nick Rutter

Charley Smith

Style: Contemporary
Where: Worldwide

charley smithGlamour, You & Your Wedding, Rock My Wedding… Top Gear? Charley really does have a diverse portfolio but it’s no wonder with his height-of-fashion photography in demand all over the world. Best of all he’s a down to earth guy who’ll go the extra mile to talk with the venue, planner and caterer to make sure “nothing is left to chance”. It’s that attention to detail that has made him one of the most sought after in the business.


© Image from Charley Smith

charley smith

Bloom Weddings

Style: Documentary, reportage
Where: Yorkshire, UK & abroad

bloom weddings“We shoot in a documentary & reportage style but throw in a good measure of cool stuff as well” … Chris and Anii really aren’t lying! They’ve shot some incredible engagement shoots in forests and gorges. Add to that the wedding day itself and you can see their commitment to not just taking photos but telling the story. This is wedding photography at its best.

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

bloom weddings

© Image from Bloom Weddings

Kevin Wilson

Style: Contemporary, reportage
Where: Dorset, UK & abroad

kevin wilsonWe need to talk about Kevin. He’s got the rare distinction of a fellowship in the BIPP, RPS and MPA meaning there’s serious skill behind his OMG wedding shots. But qualifications mean nothing without that natural eye and innate skill to let the wedding tell its own story. Somehow he then lets it all flow into his lens to produce some breath taking results. A true artist.

Website | Facebook

kevin wilson

© Image from Kevin Wilson

The Kitcheners

Style: Documentary
Where: Scotland & UK

the kitchenersOriginally from Australia and Poland, these far-flung wedding photographers are fabulously talented and whether their happy couple is tying the knot in the midst of a forest, deep in the highlands or on the coast, Dylan and Joanna travels make documenting every detail look effortless and truly natural.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

the kitcheners

© Image from The Kitcheners

UK wedding cake makers

Sarah-Jane Ethan

Style: Contemporary
Where: UK & destination

sarah-jane ethanWedding pictures with a personality are what Sarah-Jane or “SJ” for short loves to capture. She’s bubbly, calm and a relaxed head to have around on the big day as well as a wonderfully skilled photographer who uses her bright contemporary style to take “photos that capture emotion and truly tell a story!”

Website | Facebook

sarah jane ethan

© Image from Sarah-Jane Ethan

Alexis Jaworski

Style: Contemporary, reportage
Where: London, UK & abroad

alexis jaworskiAlexis is fluent in French, Spanish, Italian and English but it’s his photos that do the real talking. His contemporary style with just a hint of reportage creates a stunning documentary of your wedding that you’ll be able to jump back into at a moment’s notice throughout your lives together.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

alexis jaworski

© Image from Alexis Jaworski

Christian Michael

Style: Documentary
Where: Cornwall

christian michaelFriendly, family-run and always relaxed, Christian Michael is an amazing wedding photographer with a fair share of awards to his name. Success hasn’t gotten to his head though, and as he says himself, “those first few hours (of a marriage) are what makes me fall in love with my “job” again and again”.

Twitter | Instagram

christian michael

© Image from Christian Michael

Luna Photography

Style: Contemporary
Where: Devon, UK & abroad

luna photographyAnna and Mike are getting ready to be on the other side of the camera (they’re in the midst of planning their own wedding). With 13 years of experience they have a true understanding of how to let the bride and groom simply enjoy the day, almost unaware that the best moments have been caught for all time by two people who’ll care about your big day almost as much as you do.

Facebook | Twitter“>Instagram

luna photography

© Image from Luna Photography

Murray Clarke

Style: Contemporary, reportage
Where: London, UK & abroad

murrey clarkeArtistic reportage is a tricky style to master but that’s exactly what Murray’s done! He picks up on all the loveliest moments of a wedding and showcases them in an exciting and creative way… What else would you expect from a man with a background in shooting TV documentaries?

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

murray clarke

© Image from Murray Clarke

Kirstin Prisk

Style: Contemporary
Where: Cornwall

kirsten priskAs well as Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, Brides Magazine, Wed and Vogue, Kirstin’s also appeared on BBC’s hilarious Don’t Tell the Bride. With a stunning eye for detail, it’s no wonder he’s earned so many plaudits and little hiccoughs like “crying over the movie Cinderella” (don’t worry Kirstin, we won’t tell a soul) are a clue to how he makes the romance that is at the heart of the big day are recorded for everyone to enjoy.

Facebook | Twitter

kirstin prisk

© Image from Kirstin Prisk

Stewart Girvan

Style: Reportage
Where: Cornwall, UK & abroad

stewart girvanStewart Girvan’s second passion is landscape photography which, when married with his love of weddings, creates truly stunning pictures of some of Cornwall’s spectacular backdrops with the bride and groom taking centre stage. Stewart says it best himself, ‘the most beautiful moments unfold naturally’.

Website | Twitter | Pinterest

stewart girvan

© Image from Stewart Girvan
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