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The UK’s Top 50 Wedding Make-Up Artists 2017

November 8, 2017
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Brideology’s team of stylists are some of the very best in Wales and they’re rapidly expanding across the rest of the UK too. This can only be a good thing as their stunning portfolio is full of bridal smiles as they see their gorgeous make-up for the first time. Using their years of experience, these stylists know which tones, colours and products suit you best, allowing them to put their creativity to work and paint an amazing look for you to own and rock on your wedding day.

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Jenna McDonnell

The stunning work coming out of Jenna McDonnell’s gorgeous boutique in Newport is all you need to know about Jenna and her team’s talent when it comes to creating beautiful bridal looks. Jenna is a dab hand with a brush and palette, taking your everyday looks and transforming them into a luxurious yet natural style that you’ll want to wear, well, every day. She’s an award-winning artist set for even more success in 2019 and deservedly so.

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Lizzie Griffiths

Naturalistic bridal make-up is so on-trend at the moment but it’s rare to discover one artist who does it this well. Lizzie Griffiths’ brides have that certain shine about them that lights up a room and adds to the rest of their outfits where sometimes makeup can detract. This is subtle and sumptuous make-up artistry that needs to be celebrated, shared in your Whatsapp groups and added to your Pinterest boards for inspiration.

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Jenna Kelly

Beginning her beauty career at just 14 years of age, make-up artistry has been a lifelong passion of Jenna Kelly’s and that love for cosmetics really shows itself in all her stunning bridal designs. Jenna’s brides are painted in a glamorous style that brings out your inner confidence and self-love for your special day. Stylish yet succinct, the future looks extremely bright for Jenna. Keep your eyes peeled!

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