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How to Play Prosecco Pong!


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As one of the UK’s top hen do planners, we noticed that some of the greatest parties organised since 2002 had two things in common:

  1. GoHen 🔥
  2. Prosecco 🥂

And some party-forward person has come up with the perfect game to elevate your evening to the next level.

Yes, we’re talking Prosecco Pong here and it’s all the fun of beer pong but with a classy, glitzy, and oh-so-fabulous twist.

Scroll on to find out what you need, how to play, and just why it’s the best game ever invented!

What Do You Need?👀

How to Setup Prosecco Pong…🔥

  1. Arrange the flutes in a ‘3-2-1 order’ at each end of the table (six cups per side)
  2. Fill each cup with fizz (but not too full or you’ll be mopping up more than you’re drinking!)
  3. Serve each hen a generous serving for some liquid confidence
  4. Split into two teams (Team Bride & Team Maid-of-Honour)
  5. Get your ping pong balls ready
  6. Alexa, play my hen party playlist

How To Play Prosecco Pong…🎉

The aim of the game is to throw your ping pong ball into one of your opponent’s cups.

You’ve got to do it from the opposite end of the table and, trust us, after a few rounds of prosecco, that table starts to look a lot longer!

If you bounce a ball into a cup, one of the opposing team members must drink the contents and remove that cup from the table.

Take turns so that all the hens get to try their sniper-like precision (or lack thereof), and that’s all the prosecco pong rules right there.

Prosecco Pong Rules…🤫

  1. You must bounce your ball into your opponent’s cup
  2. The ball must bounce at least once
  3. Each team takes a turn throwing from opposite ends of the table
  4. If you bounce a ball into a cup, the opposing team must drink it
  5. The cup is then removed from the table
  6. One team wins when the other has no cups left

Lets Answer Some FAQs!

Where Do You Play Prosecco Pong?📍

Wherever there’s room!

If you’ve got access to an actual beer-pong table, great! However, any table around 8 feet long will do the job.

Just make sure there’s enough space and there are no breakables around – those ping-pong balls can go rogue! Here are a few properties that we offer where you can play prosecco pong:

The Lanes – Brighton🤍

Where to play Prosecco Pong: The Lanes, Brighton

Sleeps 18-22 guests

Link: The Lanes

Painswick Place – Cheltenham🤍

Where to play Prosecco Pong: Painswick Place, Cheltenham

Sleeps 22-24 guests

Link: Painswick Place

Bay View Towers – Blackpool🤍

Where to play Prosecco Pong: Bay View Towers, Blackpool

Sleeps 13-16 guests

Link: Bay View Towers

How Long Does a Prosecco Pong Game Last?⌚

This can vary on how good (or bad) you are at throwing ping pong balls.

Also, it depends on how many rounds you want to play, and how much time you can spare before heading out to a club.

But, if you’re having a blast (which you will be), time will fly by!

Can You Combine Prosseco Pong with Other Games?😎

Of course!

Who says you can’t mix and match your hen party games?

Why not add some hilarious Mr and Mrs Questions into the mix? For this game, whoever misses a shot has to answer a spicy question about the bride-to-be. 😳

You could also introduce some fun penalties for the losing team or, even better, write dares on the bottom of the cups.

Sip happens, it’s okay to wine about it!

Can You Buy a Prosecco Pong Set?👍

You bet!

There are plenty of places online where you can buy a Prosecco Pong set, usually complete with plastic prosecco glasses and ping pong balls, such as this fabulous bubbly bounce hen party game by Team Hen.

But remember, it’s the hens that make the game, not the equipment, and you’ll still have to supply the bubbly, the space, and the table.

And there you have it – your complete guide to Prosecco Pong.

Whether you’re hosting at home or out on the town, this game is guaranteed to get the party started and keep the laughter flowing.

So, gather your girls, pop open the Prosecco, and let the games begin!

Sip, sip, hooray! 🥂

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