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99 Engagement Captions for Instagram to Make Your Posts Pop!


If you’re #EngagedAF and you’ve got a rock on your finger the size of a small planet, you need to flaunt it on the ‘Gram ASAP (we don’t make the rules!).

Make the online world jealous and get your mates pumped with the help of GoHen’s 99 engagement captions for Instagram that will make your posts pop.

From funny ones to ones that will hit you in the feels, we have a range on offer to cater to any vibe.

Funny Engagement Captions for Instagram😂

  1. Fiancé? More Like Fian-YAY!
  2. Like Beyoncé Just with an ‘F’!
  3. Thank God I Swiped Right
  4. Decided I Didn’t Like My Surname Anymore
  5. Does this Ring Make Me Look Engaged?
  6. Me & [Name] are No Longer Dating… We’re Engaged!
  7. I Said Yes to the Mess
  8. Can Feel The Bridezilla Bubbling Up Already
  9. In it for the Love… And the Ring!
  10. Engagement Spam Incoming
  11. And to Think I Was Going to Flake Out on the First Date…
  12. I’m Not Just Taken, I’m Taken Taken

Hen Party Engagement Captions for Instagram🎉

Hen Party Engagement
  1. Hen Party Incoming (Oh, and We’re Engaged!)
  2. Let’s Plan that Hen Do
  3. Hen Party Mode: Activated
  4. Just Here for the Hen Do
  5. Hen Party Prep Starts Now… (Oh, and the Wedding Planning!)
  6. Bride Squad Assemble!
  7. Now Accepting Bridesmaid Applications
  8. Said Yes, Time for the Hen Party Mess!
  9. From Miss to Mrs… But First, We Hen Party!
  10. Rack Up the Shots, I’m Tying the Knot!
  11. I’m Getting a Husband, But I’ll Always Need My Girls!
45 Best Hen Party Instagram Captions

Cool AF Engagement Captions for Instagram😎

  1. Bride Vibes
  2. Training for the Wife Life
  3. Engaged AF
  4. I Guess You Could Say We’re Serious
  5. On a Forever Date
  6. Official.
  7. We Did a Thing.
  8. Current Mood: Engaged!
  9. Locked in for Life.
  10. Engagement Mode: Sparkling Hard
  11. Engagement Hard Launch
  12. Engaged Life
  13. Wifey for Lifey
  14. Wifey Material
  15. The One Where We Got Engaged
  16. Umm, So This Happened…
  17. Plot Twist: I’m Getting Married!

All the Feels Engagement Captions for Instagram🥰

All the Feels Engagement
  1. My Soulmate.
  2. Love, Laughter, Happily Ever After
  3. Engaged to My Forever
  4. The Fairy Tale Continues
  5. Engaged to My Best Mate
  6. This is What Forever Looks Like
  7. In Your Arms, I’ve Found My Forever Home
  8. Two Hearts, One Journey!
  9. Our Beautiful Forever Starts Now
  10. Our Love Story is My Favourite
  11. My Life Has Just Begun
  12. In a Sea of People, I Will Always Look for You
  13. The Easiest Decision I’ve Ever Made
  14. My Today, My Tomorrow, My Always
  15. Dream Come True.
Hen Weekends Abroad

Classic Engagement Captions for Instagram💍

  1. Miss to Mrs
  2. They Put a Ring on It
  3. Officially Off the Market
  4. Here’s to Forever
  5. Just the Start
  6. This is Just the Beginning
  7. Let the Adventure Begin
  8. Pop the Bubbly, I’ve Got a Hubby
  9. Pop the Champagne, I’m Changing My Name.
  10. We Settled On Forever
  11. Ringing in the New Chapter
  12. From ‘Me’ to ‘We’
  13. The Countdown Has Started

Punchy Engagement Captions for Instagram👊

  1. Off. The. Market.
  3. Best. Day. Ever.
  4. Bride Mode Engaged
  5. My Hand is Feeling HEAVY.
  6. New Bling, Same Boo.

Alternative Engagement Captions for Instagram🤫

Alternative Engagement
  • Two Less Fish in the Sea
  • Future Mrs [Name] Reporting for Duty
  • Weekends are for Wedding Planning
  • Little Miss Soon-to-be-Wifey
  • Today’s Forecast: Engaged with 100% Chance of Marriage
  • They Wifed Me Up
  • Found My Lobster
  • Levelling Up to Fiancé
  • Future Mrs [Name] Loading…
  • Spoiler Alert: We’re Getting Wed
  • Guess Who’s Getting Hitched?

Song Lyric Engagement Captions for Instagram🎤

  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Rhianna
  • You are the Best Things That’s Ever Been Mine – Taylor Swift
  • Hey Baby, I Think I Want to Marry You – Bruno Mars
  • Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey
  • How Sweet it is to be Loved By You – James Taylor
  • I Found a Love to Carry More than Just My Secrets – Ed Sheeran
  • You’re Still the One I Run to, The One That I Belong to, You’re Still the One I Want for Life – Shania Twain
  • And When You Smile, The Whole World Stops & Stares For a While – Bruno Mars

Film Engagement Captions for Instagram🎬

Film Engagement
  • I Would Rather Share One Lifetime With You Than Face All the Ages of This World Alone – The Lord of the Rings
  • It Was a Million Tiny Little Things That, When You Added Them All Up, They Meant We Were Supposed to Be Together – Sleepless in Seattle
  • When You Realise You Want to Spend the Rest of Your Life with Somebody, You Want the Rest of Your Life to Start as Soon as Possible – When Harry Met Sally
  • I Want All of You, Forever, You and Me, Every Day – The Notebook
  • To Me, You are Perfect – Love Actually
  • I’d Rather Die Tomorrow Than Live a Hundred Years Without Knowing You – Pocahontas

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