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15 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Brighton

15 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Brighton


Brighton is officially* the coolest coastal city in the UK with plenty to do and see on a weekend adventure. Whether you’re on a little seaside staycation or off on a big Brighton hen do, you’re going to want to grab your phone and tour the best Brighton attractions to flood your Instagram feed with. What’s the point in going away if you can’t make the virtual world jealous, right?!

So, c’mon, let’s dive in, the water’s lovely!

*according to us!

1. Brighton Beach

Of course, we’re starting with the beach! Who doesn’t love the beach?! It’s one of Brighton’s premier attractions, so whilst you’re busy topping up that tan or taking a leisurely (potentially hangover-conquering) stroll along the seafront, be sure to grab some pictures of the views and get that big squad photo to remember your trip to this fine city. ‘Let’s go to the beach, each…’


Brighton Beach

How to find Brighton Beach

2. Brighton Pier

And whilst you’re down on the beachfront, you have to check out the famous Brighton Pier and capture it in all its gaudy glory! Not only is it a good Instagram spot, but it’s also classic seaside fun at its finest! Don’t worry if your mates are reluctant, they’ll eventually succumb to the pier pressure… (we’ll see ourselves out)!


Brighton Pier

How to find Brighton Pier

3. Hove Beach Huts

Possibly the most Insta-friendly Brighton attraction, the colourful cove beach huts will make your feed pop! Vibrant, quirky and simply the perfect place for a photoshoot (you know you’re a pop star deep down!), these quintessentially British seaside pods are a great little place to stock up on snaps.


hove beach huts

How to find Hove Beach Huts

4. Brighton Beach Bandstand

Whilst you’ll get some impressive photos whatever time you visit the Bandstand, we’d recommend heading there at dawn or dusk to grab some really atmospheric snaps. This quaint structure is a glorious homage to the past with great views out across the channel. Sat in the shadow of the pier, you can tick off a few Brighton tourist attractions in quick succession.


brighton band stand

How to find Brighton Beach Bandstand

5. Brighton Marina

At the western end of the beach lies Brighton Marina which can be an Instagram goldmine if you get creative with your camera-snapping. Another one which looks great during sunset/sunrise and the perfect place to start your stroll up the beach!


brighton marina

How to find Brighton Marina

6. i360 Viewing Tower

An unusual structure in of itself, you can head to the top of the viewing tower to snap some stunning sights out across this vibrant coastal city. Standing 162 metres high, with the pod 132 metres up, you’ll get 360 panoramic views of the Sussex coastline. Cameras at the ready!


i360 tower brighton

How to find the i360 Viewing Tower

Check it out for yourselves:

i360 Flight

7. Undercliff Walk

Stretching out in the opposite direction of the marina is the Undercliff Walk which is… oh, you can work it out by the name. This five-kilometre walk takes you alongside the idyllic white cliffs whilst the waves lap up against the sea wall. Lovely stuff!


Undercliff Walk

How to find the Undercliff Walk

8. The Lanes

Away from the seafront, Brighton has plenty of Insta spots in the city itself. The lively Lanes neighbourhood is chocked with picturesque side streets featuring quirky shops, indulgent restaurants and outrageous pubs which are well worth a pitstop on your Instagram tour!


the lanes brighton

How to find The Lanes

9. Blaker Street

Pretty much an upscaled version of the Hove beach huts, Blaker Street is a colourful road in the centre of the city which is an Instagram haven when it’s bathed in sunlight. Why are colourful houses such a popular seaside trait? We might start a campaign to have all houses painted bold, bright colours because, well, they look great!


blaker street brighton

How to find Blaker Street

10. Brighton Street Art

As you bounce about this city at your leisure you’ll undoubtedly stumble across some fine street art and murals en route. Brighton is one of Britain’s most creative, arty and imaginative cities, and they even boast a Banksy to boot!


street art brighton

How to find Brighton Street Art

11. Brighton Open Market

Whilst it might not be the same as a vibrant market on foreign shores, there are still plenty of stalls selling a myriad of foodstuffs and trinkets which make for a cool little photo collage. Go for the photos and who knows what you might end up picking up!


brighton open market

How to find Brighton Open Market

12. Upside Down House

Back to the beachfront (yep, it really is where the party is at!), the Upside Down House is what it says on the tin and it’s as great as it sounds. Falling from the ceiling, diving into the toilet – who doesn’t want their Insta feeds filled with that sort of content?


upside down house brighton

How to find the Upside Down House

13. Royal Pavilion

Brighton’s Taj Mahal is a sight to behold. This stunning Grade I listed property isn’t your traditional British building and we absolutely adore it for it. Impressive on the outside, jaw-dropping on the inside – we don’t know which we preferred!


brighton royal pavilion

How to find the Royal Pavilion

14. Preston Park Rockery

In amongst this picturesque park, you’ll find the tranquil rockery which will bring an air of calm to your busy weekend in this non-stop city. Relaxing, beautiful and a surefire Insta winner, it’s well worth a little visit.


preston park rockery brighton

How to find Preston Park Rockery

15. Devil’s Dyke

Away from the city, out in a glorious National Trust spot, is the impressive valley Devil’s Dyke. If you’re partial to a little ramble in the countryside, away from the chaos of city life, we highly recommend a little afternoon visit to this idyllic green space.


devils dyke brighton sussex

How to find Devil’s Dyke

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