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12 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Bath

12 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Bath


OK, we may be biased as we’re based here, but Bath is possibly the best-looking city in the country. Actually, we’re going to stick our necks out and say it is the best-looking city in the country because, well, it is (don’t @ us!).

And if you’re lucky enough to be heading here for a day trip or a Bath hen do, you’ll be spoilt for choice for places to snap those fab photos which will make your Insta followers swooning green with envy.

So, here at GoHen, we took to the streets to seek out the 12 best places in Bath to get those Insta-worthy pics. Check them out below!

#1 Bath Abbey

Like that photogenic friend who looks annoyingly good whatever angle you snap her from (even when you try and get her with a double chin), Bath Abbey is stunning from every side. Whether you’re inside, outside, round the side, wherever, it still looks it’s breath-taking best. There’s definitely something about the way cathedrals catch the light that make them so Instagram-friendly and even a photography fledgeling will be able to get a jaw-dropper to upload.

Ton Traveller

How to find Bath Abbey:

#2 Royal Crescent

Imagine going to Paris and not taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower, going to Pisa and not photographing the Leaning Tower, going to Milton Keynes and not getting a shot of the concrete cows… If you’re heading to the vibrant city of Bath an Insta-snap of the Royal Crescent is a must. If you don’t get one, have you reeealllly been?!

Royal Crescent

How to find Royal Crescent, Bath:

#3 The Roman Baths

As Bath attractions go, the Roman Baths are always high on people’s hit lists not only because of their interesting heritage, but because they are truly awe-inspiring. Pulling in over a million visitors a year, they’re so important they gave the city its name! This beautifully preserved structure, with its the hot thermal springs and Bath Abbey in the background, makes for one helluva picture.


The Roman Baths

How to find Roman Baths, Bath:

#4 Pulteney Bridge

Tucked around the corner away from the hustle and bustle of the high street is Pulteney Bridge and the idyllic weir. In stark contrast to the high-paced city life, this tranquil scene makes for that picturesque snap of the quaint side of this stunning city. Rain or shine, summer or winter, it’s difficult to catch it on a bad day. Bath at its beautiful best.

Orca Photo

How to find Pulteney Bridge:

#5 The Circus

Finding those perfect photo opportunities for Instagram can be in tents (intense…? The circus…? No?). OK, that’s enough clowning around (we’ll just grab our coats…), the Circus is a serious big hitter for that viral photo because of its unique make-up. This collection of impressive townhouses shows-off the best of the best of Bath’s fabulous architecture and love of curves.


How to find The Circus, Bath:

#6 Royal Victoria Park

Flowers were, are, and always will be an Instagram favourite because of their delicate subtlety and sublime beauty. Victoria Park Bath boasts loads of little hideaways filled with a fabulous array of flora and fauna, little bridges, scenic lakes and charming buildings, the perfect cocktail of Instagram-friendly shots waiting to be captured.

Victoria Park

How to find Royal Victoria Park, Bath:

#7 Alexandra Park

Yep, another park, but unlike the Royal Victoria Park, which is nestled in the heart of Bath, Alexandra Park is located on top of the southern ridge with glorious views out across the city. The closest you’ll get to a bird’s-eye view without hiring a hot air balloon – and this way doesn’t involve a wicker basket and fire so, you know, winner!

Alexandra Park

How to find Alexandra Park:

#8 Bath Skyline Walk

The Skyline Walk winds through woodlands, valleys and meadows so you’ll be spoilt for choice if you did fancy the six mile-round trek. However, if you didn’t (and we for one wouldn’t blame you), you can head up just out of the city centre to a field which is part of the Bath Skyline that overlooks the city from east to west, meaning you’ll be able to capture it from a whole new angle.


Skyline Walk

How to find Bath Skyline Walk:

#9 Sham Castle

Sham Castle, aptly named because it isn’t actually a castle, just the front wall built purely for aesthetic purposes. It’s Bath’s equivalent of a giant ornamental bird bath or a big garden gnome. However, whilst the castle may be a sham the stunning photos you’ll get won’t be. The structure itself is magnificent and views are unrivalled.

Sham Castle

How to find Sham Castle:

#10 Prior Park Landscape Garden

OK, guilty, we’re a sucker for greenery… and lakes… and quaint bridges, but they’re just so stunning and Instagram-friendly! Prior Park in Bath boasts all three and encapsulates everything great about this beautiful city from its Bath Stone structures to its open green spaces, to its picturesque views. And its’s really easy to get a good snap.

Prior Park

How to find Prior Park, Bath:

#11 Thermae Bath Spa

Whilst not only providing a great excuse to go to this amazing spa facility (you’re welcome!), the views from the rooftop spa are simply spectacular and you’ll certainly be able to capture that million-dollar shot from this impressive vantage point.

Bath Spa

How to find Thermae Bath Spa:

#12 Beckford’s Tower

Located on the northern ridge of Bath lies the Grade I listed Beckford Tower. Whilst the tower itself is stunning from the outside, it’s the spiral staircase inside which really wows and provides an almost optical illusion-styled shot which is rather spectacular.

Beckford’s Tower

How to find Beckford’s Tower:

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