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Using Facebook to help organise your hen weekend

Using Facebook to help organise your hen weekend


Organising a hen weekend can take a lot of work, but fortunately there’s plenty of help available if you know where to look. GoHen can take all the stress out of organising your hen weekend activities and accommodation and you can also get help organising the girls. These days pretty much everyone has a Facebook account and there’s a great feature on Facebook that allows you to set up events. Here’s a few ways that this can help you when planning your hen do:

Facebooks event creation page
Facebook’s event creation page

Give everyone easy access to the event details

you can easily set the date, time and location for everyone to see and if you have to make any changes then everyone in the guest list will get an email with details of the changes. You can also post your hen weekend itinerary, so everyone knows what’s going to be involved.

Invite people and find out who can and can’t go

simply go through your friends list and click on everyone you want to invite and they will all get emails inviting them and giving them the opportunity to RSVP with a yes, no or maybe. This is a great way of getting an idea of the kind of numbers you can expect (as long as everyone remembers to RSVP). If you book with GoHen then you won’t need final numbers until five weeks before the event, so rough numbers are fine to start with.

Add photos to the event

leading up to the event you can add photos which is great if your hen party is themed because you can put up some pictures to give everyone inspiration for costumes and after the event you can all put up your photos of everyone having a great time on the hen night!

Start discussions

if there are any details of the hen do that you haven’t decided on yet then you can start a topic and find out what the girls think about it.

Send messages to everyone

if you have an update to the itinerary or something that you need to tell everyone then you can send it to everyone on the guest list and they’ll all get it in their inbox.

Keep it secret!

if the details of the hen do are going to be a surprise for the hen then you can set the event to secret, so that only people on the guest list can see it.

Bear in mind that although Facebook is great for helping you get things organised on your hen weekend, you can’t just assume that everyone will be checking their account and it’s always a good idea to keep in contact with the girls outside of Facebook as well.

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