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Top 50 UK Wedding Cake Designers 2021

July 20, 2021
top 50 wedding cake designers
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If the last year was a cake, it would be three parts lockdown, two heaped spoons of boredom and a sprinkling of chaos for added awfulness.

But as we’re finally getting back to some form of normality, the wedding industry is back and bouncing, which means wedding cake makers across the UK are firing up their ovens, cracking out the icing, and getting ready to create some jaw-dropping creations once again!

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The Crumb Factory

Sally should consider renaming her incredible cakey venture: ‘The Not a Single Crumb Left in the Factory Because They’re So Damn Delicious’. OK, it might be a bit wordy, but it certainly sums up how we feel about this cake creating talent. Check out that Insta feed and get ready to drool!

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Cake Daydreams

When we were looking at their Instagram feed, we presumed we’d drifted off into a cake daydream because how on earth can these beautiful creations be a reality. We promptly pinched ourselves but the cakes remained – which is an incredible testament to the fairy tale designs on show!

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wedding cake

Nina’s Cakey Bakies

We reckon Nina’s Cakey Bakies should buy themselves one of their own cakes to celebrate their 5th  year in a row in amongst our Top 50! These guys have been making waves in the wedding industry for a while now because they’ve struck a beautiful balance between style and scrumptiousness.

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wedding cake

West Country Cheese Co.

How do you make the most special day of your life even more special? You guessed it – a cake made of cheese! Not only are their rustic designs simply stunning, but they’re the perfect sugar substitute if your sweet tooth dropped out for some cheese chewing gnashers.

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cheese wedding cake

Karen Cake Couture

Karen is the Queen of wedding cake design, and we’re just going to bow down to her unrivalled know-how. Whether you’re looking for a classic creation or something a little bit special (her teapot wedding cakes are sublime!!), you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.


wedding cake

Storyteller Cakes

Your wedding cake isn’t just a cake – it should tell a story and encapsulate your love for one another. The guys at Storyteller Cakes understand this better than anyone and have an unerring ability to portray the beauty of their couples’ relationship in each and every cake.

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wedding cake

Cake By Sadie Smith

Is it wrong to get married just because you want one of Sadie Smith’s wedding cakes? Is it wrong to marry one of Sadie Smith’s wedding cakes? We’ll let you decide that one, but one thing is for certain: Sadie Smith makes some of the best wedding cakes in the business, and that’s just a fact. Check her out!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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