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The Perfect Man Survey - The Results

The Perfect Man Survey – The Results


Would Mr Right please stand up?

Finding Mr Right is no easy feat, it would appear that while there are plenty of fish in the sea, us gals have very clear ideas of what we do or don’t want when casting our nets. So GoHen set about finding out just what women are looking for in Mr Right.

We polled women aged between 20 – 55 about their ideal man.

One place the gender pay gap is closing is in our relationships, only 16% of women are worried about their man being the main bread winner. What they do want is a man who will introduce them to new things (65%), while still sharing some common interests (53%).

Your ideal man should…

• Introduce you to new things – 65%
• Have the same interests – 53%
• Be taller than you – 41%
• Have different interests – 25%
• Earn more than you – 16%
• Be more educated than you – 7%
• Be less intelligent than you – 3%

introduce to new things

But we don’t want him taking us off to watch his beloved Brighton & Hove Albion FC, football is one of the least attractive hobbies a man can have. Now if he only loved to cook an amazing Sunday roast, go for long, leafy walks and then put the vacuum cleaner round while we have a little nap…

Least attractive hobbies include;

• Football
• Fishing
• Golf
• Train spotting
• Gambling
• Computer games

computer games

And he’s got to be funny. Having the ability to laugh with us is a big winner. He can be the world’s greatest kisser but we might never find out, as if doesn’t make us laugh, it’s unlikely he’ll ever get that first kiss.

What do you most want in a life partner?

• Good sense of humour – 63%
• Good father – 17%
• Good provider – 15%
• Good kisser – 5%

Being funny rather than ‘cool’ is a must. In fact, he can leave the sunglasses at home as one thing us girls really seem to go weak at the knees for is sexy eyes (46%). Those guys with all the hair products can go back to the mirror, good hair is bottom of our list, just 8% of women considered it a priority.

What is more important in your perfect man?

• Sexy eyes – 46%
• Good teeth – 23%
• Fit body – 12%
• Nice hands – 11%
• Great hair – 8%

No, what we want is a man who knows a thing or two, being well-read and well-travelled are both considered attractive qualities.

Your ideal man should be…

• Well-read – 34%
• Well-travelled – 31%
• Sporty – 13%
• Artistic – 13%
• Musical – 9%

well travelled man

Although we still want a man who can put up a shelf more than someone with books to put on it.

Would you rather marry…

• Someone practical – 68%
• Someone intellectual – 20%
• A dreamer – 12%

Being able to get on with our best friend is also a big tick, 81% of women felt it mattered what our best friend thinks of our partner.

Would it matter what your best friend thought of him?

• A little – 51%
• A lot – 30%
• Doesn’t matter – 19%


And for that pillow talk… London/Southern accents are top of the wish list, just ahead of Irish and Italian accents. Sadly Geordie and Brummie are considered the least attractive accents.

What accent do you find most attractive?

• London/Southern – 18%
• Irish – 16%
• Italian – 12%
• Other – 11%
• Sottish – 10%
• French – 9%
• Yorkshire – 8%
• American – 6%
• Liverpool – 5%
• Geordie – 4%
• Birmingham – 1%

But we all find different things attractive, from hairy legs to veiny arms, those taking part in our poll confessed to a wide range of turn ons (some a little too enthusiastically, calm down ladies!).

Biggest turn ons include;

• Intelligence
• Smile
• Eyes
• Sense of humour
• Hairy legs
• Veiny arms
• Speaking a different language
• Husky voice
• Come to bed eyes


No surprises with the biggest turn offs revolving around hygiene (or lack of). So keep things clean to keep ‘em keen boys.

Biggest turn offs include;

• Bad breath
• Poor hygiene
• Smelly feet
• Arrogance
• Snoring
• Farting
• Nose picking
• Baldness
• Bad manners

So in conclusion the UK’s ideal man has sexy eyes, a good sense of humour, is well-read, doesn’t like football, introduces us to new things, is practical and intelligent, talks in a southern accent and gets on with our best friend. Sound like anyone you know?

Now it’s your turn, sum up your ideal man in three words below…

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