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Henpocalypse BBC comedy

“Henpocalypse!” – The Ultimate Hen Party Gone Seriously Wrong!


Henpocalypse! is the latest comedy sensation to hit the BBC and is a must-watch for every hen party past, present, and future.

Here at GoHen, we were lucky enough to be invited to the press launch (yep, we’re kind of a big deal!), and here’s everything you need to know about the sublime series… 👇

What is Henpocalypse!?

Henpocalypse! is the ultimate hen weekend gone very (very) wrong.

… and no, the stripper doesn’t do a no-show (in fact, he’s quite possibly the last guy alive), but the bride’s pre-wedding bash is interrupted by… well… the end of the world!

You think your hen party is going to be wild?

Try navigating a post-apocalyptic world in North Wales with just a sash and your hen do paraphernalia to keep you safe.

Where Can You Watch The Hen Madness Unfold?

Tune into BBC Two on Tuesday the 15th of August at 10 pm.

The six-part series will also be available on BBC iPlayer here.

Watch the Henpocalypse Trailer…

YouTube video


Caroline Moran

The Cast

Elizabeth BerringtonBernadette

Elizabeth on Bernadette: “She’s the Mick Lynch of the post-apocalypse and she’ll put up with absolutely no BS at the end of the world.”

Lucie ShorthouseZara

Lucy on Zara: “Zara is the Bridezilla of all Bridezillas. It’s her hen do… and she’s very much ‘me, me, me’. She’s the centre of attention and this wedding of hers will be the greatest event in history.”

Callie CookeShelly

Callie on Shelly: “Shelly is our very hard-done-by but wonderfully loveable chief bridesmaid. I guess we see a lot of the show through her eyes, and she deals with platonic love versus romantic love – all whilst trying not to get eaten by zombies!”

Kate O’FlynnJen

Kate on Jen: “Jen is a bit of a liability on a night out – inevitably becoming the most inebriated – and she can get very emotional and quite volatile when she’s had too many. Added to the mix, she’s incredibly accident-prone – so all in all, she’s a bit of a wildcard.

Lauren O’RourkeVeena

Lauren on Veena: “She’s a beautician with a twist; she’s actually quite masculine and I think she’s quite no-nonsense and direct. She’ll let things slide, but if you do anything stupid, she is there with a quip to undermine you.”

Plus there’s also a cameo appearance from the one and only Danny Dyer.

Inspired? Plan Your Own Post-Apocalyptic Hen Party with GoHen…

From Zombie Escape Games to Zombie Paintball and a whole load of other undead activities, you can plan your own Henpocalypse!-inspired weekend with GoHen.

(Yep… we also do the male stripper thing for those of you asking!).

More of a Pre-Apocalypse Gal?

For those who prefer their hen parties without the undead in tow, we offer all your classics too.

Fire over to GoHen.com now for the latest hen trends and inspo to ensure your hen weekend stays on the right track.

And whether it’s the end of the world or just the end of the bride’s single life, GoHen will make it a celebration to remember! 🥂

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