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The top 10 must-have apps and websites to make it a doddle!

The top 10 must-have apps and websites to make it a doddle!


Once you’ve been over to the GoHen website, got some amazing hen ideas and decided who you’re going to invite, the next steps can be a bit tricky, not least because there’s the invites to send, financials to manage and ideas to cement. Never fear though, with modern technology taking the cyber world by storm and more apps being added every second there are plenty of resources to help organise your perfect event!

Therefore we’ve found the very best apps and websites to get you through it and out the other side in one smiling piece of hen party happiness – read on:


1. MindNode


Although only available for iPhone’s and iPad’s this is super useful for the whole planning process. Before you’ve had any set ideas you can write down all the destinations and activities you think would be suitable and then add all sorts of ideas which can be easily visualised.

2. Pageonce


Although this is usually used as a personal finance planning app, it’s ideal for keeping track of all the invitees payments, any fees and what’s been paid already. Considering that one of the main elements of hen party planning is managing the financials, this can be a lifesaver.


3. Evite.


This App is a web-based planning tool that’s designed to help through the whole inviting process. Not only are there loads of invite templates to choose from but the app also links to an ecard site so you can sort out that ‘Congratulations’ card to the bride- and groom-to-be at the same time!

4. iFlight


This one’s great if you’re looking to celebrate a hen party abroad- it can give up to the minute flight information as well as searching for flights from all major UK airports.

5. Pingg



This free service has both a website and a phone app to make it easy to plan on-the-go. Design invitations and send them through social media sites or emails, or Pingg can arrange to have them mailed through the post. You can incorporate Google maps so people can find it and can incorporate various functions including automatic “Thank you!” texts when people RSVP.

6. Facebook Events

Facebook Events

An excellent and simple way to invite all the girls is through creating a Facebook event- most of them will probably already be on the social networking site and it’s great for letting everyone write message and see all the info in one place. Create a name for your hen party, add a picture and wait for people to start accepting invites!

7. Evernote


This incredible app is a lifesaver for trying to organise anything. Not only can you include notes, ideas and recordings but also save anything off the web (such as your favourite ideas from GoHen.com!) Once again it’s only available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad at the moment though.

8. Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Hashtags

It’s not only Facebook that can be used to organise events- if all your invitees are on Twitter then creating a hashtag (such as #melshenparty) is a great way to all chat as a group without being in the same room.

9. WeatherPro


This app is perfect if you’re still deciding on a hen party destination- with over two million locations around the world you can easily search for locations and find out everything from cloud formations to wind speed and humidity. Also helpful when deciding what to pack for the weekend.

10. TripAdvisor


Not sure where to go/ what to see/ the best places to eat? Looking for flights to your dream hen party destination? Trip Advisor has it all sorted, with tons of top reviews, interesting insights into each location and tips for each place given by actual people who’ve visited them.


There you have it then- the top 10 apps for your hen party success! And don’t forget that for henspiration, hen party ideas and way more you can check out the GoHen website or give us a bell on 0845 130 5225!

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