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Dublin hen party photo challenge

Dublin Hen Party Photo Challenge Game


“It’s all fun and games… And then you go on a hen party!”

If you’re heading on a Dublin hen party then you’ll need a few basics – somewhere fab to stay, lots of fun things to do, a few drinks to enjoy and a brilliant game to play. Well here’s one any hen group can do, and all you need are your mobile phones. So, time to think outside the box, prepare to laugh (a lot!) and get your game faces on. “Grrr… (*nothing*) GRRRRRRRR!”

Dublin Hen Party Photo Challenge Game

How To Play

  • Split the girls into even groups (your teams can be as big as you like but you’ll need a minimum of three hens per team).
  • Each team will need to be armed with a mobile phone.
  • Either print out the following list or just send it to one member (captain) of each team.
  • The teams have one hour to complete as many challenges as possible.
  • At the end of the hour you must all meet back at a given point (pub?).
  • The teams will give you their phones and you’ll then award 1, 2, or 3 points for each challenge completed depending on how well you think they did on that challenge.
  • You can add bonus points if they really make you laugh.
  • Give the teams one hour to complete the challenges
  • From here on in there are no rules, the girls can be as inventive as they like, they can cheat as much as they like, as long as at least one of the team appears in each challenge.

Dublin Party Photo Challenges

  1. Pretty Boy – Get a man to let you give him a makeover. (photo)
  2. Dancing Queens – The girls dancing on Grafton Street. (video)
  3. Officer and a Gentleman – With a man in uniform. (photo)
  4. Huggies – Give someone a hug who looks like they need it. (photo)
  5. Work it Baby! – Working out in a park. (video)
  6. Tit for Tat – Wearing someone else’s hat. (photo)
  7. Chest in Case – With a man’s bare chest. (photo)
  8. Movie Makers – Re-enact a scene from your favourite movie. (video)
    Judge must guess what the movie was
  9. Guns – With the most muscular arms you can find. (photo)
  10. Spice Boys Challenge – With 5 different guys, one sporty, one posh, one ginger, one baby and one scary. (photo)
  11. X-Factor – Make a 30 second pop video. (video)
  12. Poser – Posing sexily in front of a nice car. (photo)
  13. Banged up – Standing behind bars. (photo)
  14. Pucker up! – Kissing a bald man’s head. (photo)

So that’s your lot. Let the gaaaaaames begin!

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