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bride and bridesmaid pyjamas for the big hen night

Bride PJs: Bride and Bridesmaid Pyjamas for that Big Night In


Who said you have to go out to have fun?

Get set for a memorable night in as you and your fellow hens throw the bride a fabulous slumber party with hilarious games, delicious food, and some stunningly crafted cocktails.

And it’s the little details which elevate a night to new levels of incredible which is why these bride and bridesmaid pyjamas are the perfect addition to that big night in.

Bride Pyjamas

Personalised Bride PJs

personalised pyjama set

Simple, cute, personalised, these bridal pyjamas are high quality and come with their own PJ bag. You can even change the colour of the font to be in keeping with any themes you have going on and you also have the choice between shorts or trousers.

Buy it here | £23.00 | Etsy

Personalised Satin Bride PJs

personalised satin bride pjs

Customisable so everyone in the bridal party can have their own role emblazoned on their PJs – from the bride-to-be to bridesmaids, mother of the bride, auntie of the bride – these pink and white striped shorts and white vests are a great purchase.

Buy it here | £20.00 | Etsy

Bride-to-Be PJs – Short

bride to be pj shorts

Customisable so everyone in the bridal party can have their own role emblazoned on their PJs – from the bride-to-be to bridesmaids, mother of the bride, auntie of the bride – these pink and white striped shorts and white vests are a great purchase.

Buy it here | £15.50 | Amazon

The Future Mrs – Long

ride and bridesmaid pyjamas

Long-legged for those chillier evenings, the bottoms come in a funky red checked design and the top comes in white. You can also personalize these pyjamas for the future Mrs.

Buy it here | £24.95 | Amazon

Bridesmaid Pyjamas

Bridesmaid PJs in Silk

bridesmaids pjs silk

White, red, navy, black, pink, silver, champagne – these stylish silk bridesmaid pyjamas come in a stellar range of colours, plus you can add a personalised message, names or hen party nicknames to the front or back!

Buy it here | £17.22+ | Etsy

Miley Checkered Bridesmaid PJs

miley checkered bridesmaid pjs

Made from 100% brushed cotton, these comfy, chic bridesmaid PJs are an alternative option to your standard hen party PJs. You can grab one in white, red, green, blue, and get your initials inscribed on the pocket.

Buy it here | £20.90+ | Etsy

Boho Floral Bridesmaid PJs

boho floral bridesmaid pjs

These amazing boho-style bridesmaid pyjamas come in an incredible range of colours so you can marry them up to the bride’s wedding theme. Ideal for both the big day and the hen celebration they’re a stunning little gift you’ll cherish forever.

Buy it here | £27.40+| Etsy

Bride Dressing Gowns

Friends Inspired Bride Dressing Gown

friends dressing gown bride bridesmaid

Could this bride dressing gown *be* any cooler? If the bride-to-be is big on Friends (and who isn’t, let’s face it) then these bride and bridesmaid dressing gowns are perfect. They also come in a great range of colours, though we personally love the white and black combo!

Buy it here | £16.06+ | Etsy

Floral Bride Dressing Gown

loral bride dressing gown personalised

A delicate, elegant number for that fairy tale bride, this beautiful dressing gown has a floral pattern emblazoned on the back along with the bride’s name to make it that little bit extra special. You even get a choice of wreath designs!

Buy it here | £15.00+ | Etsy

Kimono Style Bride Dressing Gown

kimino style bride dressing gown

These stylish kimono-style bridal dressing gowns are a little bit quirky and a whole lot cool. Made from silky satin, they’re amazingly comfy and come in a variety of poppin’ colours including a very vibrant pink!

Buy it here | £14.99 | Amazon

Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns

Satin Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns

bridesmaids dressing gowns

These stylish matching dressing gowns are a classy addition to that hen night in or the wedding morning make-up sessions. Satin, handmade, and available in seven gorgeous colours which work with any theme.

Buy it here | £11.99+ | Etsy

Floral Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns

loral bridesmaids dressing gowns

These silky floral bridesmaid dressing gowns add a splash of colour to the day, plus there are seventeen shades for you to pick from so you can mix and match or go uniform. They also provide multi-order discounts – win!

Buy it here| £10.92 +| Etsy

Kimono Satin Bridesmaid Dressing Gowns

kimino bridesmaid dressing gown

Poppin’ pink, stylish navy, stunning purple – these fab kimono bridesmaid dressing gowns are light, breezy and sensationally soft to touch, making them an excellent addition to that big at-home hen celebration.

Buy it here | £14.26 | Amazon

Bride Squad PJs & Gowns

Bride Squad PJs Sleep Tee

bride squad pjs sleep tee

This cool over-sized sleeping tee is an incredibly comfy alternative to your classic bride PJs and allows you to wear them over the top of your favourite cosy trousers. Choose from baby pink, candy pink, lavender, lemon, mint or baby blue! 

Buy it here| £9.60 | Etsy

Bride Squad PJs Top and Trousers

bride squad pjs

A classic, comfortable white t-shirt with snug grey joggers (everyone needs a pair of comfy grey joggers in their lives), you can have ‘Bride Squad’ embroidered across the chest or in the top left corner.

Buy it here| £23.16 + | Etsy

Bride Squad Dressing Gown

kimino brides squad dressing gown

These Bride Squad dressing gowns come in either pink or black (pink for the bride and black for the rest – or vice versa?) and are an absolute must for that big night in. They’re comfy, cool and a wonderful little keepsake.

Buy it here | £12.99| Amazon

Team Bride PJs

Team Bride PJs – T-Shirt & Shorts

team bride pjs t shirt and shorts

These Team Bride PJs are ideal if you’re partying in warmer climates and are having a night in at your villa/accommodation. Light, cosy and ideal for sleeping in, they’re a cute addition to that big night in!

Buy it here | £11.86-£15.86 | Amazon

Bridesmaid Slippers

Personalised Bridesmaid Slippers

personalised bridesmaids slippers

These budget-friendly bridesmaid slippers can be customised to include the name and role of the person in the wedding, plus there’s also a range of stunning colours available. Easy on the purse, and the little details make all the difference.

Buy it here | £1.99+ | Etsy

Fluffy Bridesmaid Slippers

fluffy slippers bride bridesmaid

Warm, fluffy, seriously comfy – everything you could want in a slipper. You can customise the right and left slippers and pick your colours (including leopard print).

Buy it here | £15.67 | Etsy

Team Bride Bridesmaid Slippers

eam bride bridesmaid slippers

If you’re going for the Team Bride theme for the bride’s big weekend, these Team Bride slippers are the perfect addition for a price which won’t dent the cocktail kitty.

Buy it here | £4.48 | Amazon

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