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bridal heroes

Bridal Heroes 2020


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Wedding Make-Up Artists


There is something extra special about Ganga, and when the opportunity arose to showcase her talents once again, we weren’t going to let it go to waste. This sublime hair and make-up artist boasts a stellar CV which includes a list of celebrities and fashion publications, but it’s the wedding world we’re particularly interested in, and she’s operating on a whole new level of incredible. 

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Sharon Cuthbert

We’ve spoken about Sharon at great lengths in the past, and we’re not going to be stopping now as we are simply in awe of her work. She’s recently opened up her wedding diary for 2023 which is evidence in itself of just how highly sought-after she is. You better be quick if you want to secure her services.

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sharon cuthbert

Sana Nurani

Bringing a whole lot of glam to the industry, Sana Nurani has been a big hitter on our annual make-up rundown for the last couple of years, and we just love her work so much that we’ve elevated her to a Bridal Hero for 2020. Well, we say we elevated her, but she did it herself through her amazing effort and irrepressible pursuit of bridal perfection.

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Sana Rrani

Tina Brocklebank

Her thirty-plus years of experience are evident to see. She’s perfected her make-up application skills down to a fine art, and she produces flawless look after flawless look. It would’ve been a shame to only showcase her talents once this year, so we’re bringing you another peek into her wonderful world because it deserves to be shown far and wide.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

tina brocklebank

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