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Bridal Heroes 2019


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Make-Up Artists

Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson Bridal Makeup Artist

Cathryn is not a make-up artist, she’s an artist full stop. Her brides are her canvases and her Instagram is her art gallery proudly displaying all of her magnificent creations. We’ll never tire of talking about her work because it’s utterly fabulous. We’re made up to be showcasing her work again this year and we wouldn’t bet against her making the list again next year if she carries on doing what she does best.

Facebook | Instagram

Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson Bridal Makeup Artist

I Do Make Up By Geo Kane

Not only are we huge fans of the incredible pun, but we’re also huge fans of Geo Kane’s bespoke make-up creations which range from subtle to sparkling and dazzle every single time. Multi-award winners tend to win so many awards for the same reasons: they’re the best at what they do! And Geo Kane is without a doubt one of the best make-up artists this fine island has seen.

Facebook | Instagram

geo kane

Sharon Cuthbert

Wow… just wow! Sorry, we were just looking through Sharon Cuthbert’s incredible make-up photos. The detail, the precision, the stunning individuality, her work is a joy to behold. Her natural talent is unmistakable and her brides are evidence of her levels of perfectionism and professionalism. If you are lucky enough to have Sharon applying your wedding make-up, you will be in more than capable hands!

Website | Facebook

sharon cuthbert

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