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7 Hen Party Fails to Avoid

7 Hen Party Fails to Avoid


Booking the hen party can a worry, you wouldn’t dream of bringing together all our friends, family and colleagues on any normal weekend as they’re so different but now you’re going to throw them all together and hope for the best. So here’s our top tips on how to make the perfect weekend for everyone without losing your friends, family or job.

The New Boss – Old Friend Implosion

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t invite your boss. But there are lots of reasons to make sure they are not sat next to the one person who knows the most embarrassing stories about you in case your old friend unknowingly/drunkenly starts to tell the wrong tales to the wrong person.

“I remember one time when Helen was so drunk she actually fell asleep in her neighbour’s front garden…”

Not So Fancy Dress

Fancy dress isn’t for everyone, done well it can be brilliant and a great way to create togetherness. Done badly everyone can end up feeling awkward and uncomfortable all night. Choose any fancy dress idea wisely.

“I’ve decided the theme is ‘futuristic space-cat superheroes’ I’ve bought you all tails and facepaints, So just come in leotards please and we’ll sow tails on when you arrive.”


Come Now, Pay Later

Money can be such an awkward thing for people to discuss, especially if one person is left chasing everyone else for money. Book your hen weekend with a hen weekend provider that allows everyone to pay separately, the company and not your chief bridesmaid will then act as debt collector if anyone still hasn’t coughed up.

“Who charged 3 bottles of vodka and a two-hour telephone call to Australia from their hotel room?!?”

It’s My Party!

Yes it is. You should certainly have the weekend you want and not be forced to do everything to suit everyone else. But equally remember these are your guests and to create a truly brilliant atmosphere it’s best to pick activities that everyone can really throw themselves into.

“Well, what we’re doing is staying all weekend in haunted house…”


Lucy Long Pockets

Not everyone has such big purses or pockets and not everyone has as much free cash. Set your budget to suit everyone as no one wants to dread the weekend for fear they have to sell a kidney to pay for it when they get home.

“I’m sorry, after all those cocktails the street value on your kidney is nowhere near as high now so we’re going to have to take a limb too.”

Be My Guest

Wedding guest lists are a minefield often littered with people you feel duty bound to invite. But your hen party is different and should purely be a collection of the people you want to be there. Don’t bow down to pressure, this is your big weekend so include those like-minded few who will help make it a weekend to remember.

“Why is your neighbour’s, cousin’s, sister’s, daughter-in-law here?” “Because she once fed my cat.”


Set The Tone

You don’t want any nasty surprises so make sure you have set clear ground rules with whoever is in charge of planning the hen do. If you don’t want to be forced into drinking shots, doing extreme/life threatening sports, or face a fake fireman whipping out his hose, etc then be clear beforehand.

“…. and I definitely DO want a stripper. In fact get two just in case.”

Most of all have fun. It’s a party you’ll get to share with all your nearest and dearest friends and family so dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and hope that nobody uploads it to Facebook.

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