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50 Top UK Wedding Social Accounts For 2017

April 18, 2017
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Wedding Entertainers

Silent Noize Events | Facebook

Best. Disco. Ever! Unlike conventional DJ’s, Silent Noize Events let you decide what song you’d like to listen to by providing you with your own set of headphones with three different channels to choose from. Which more often than not results in hilarity as you and a friend try to dance together, only to realise you’re moving to completely different rhythms. Catch those absolutely hilarious moments and more over on Silent Noize’s funky Facebook page.

You can also find Silent Noize Events on their…

Website | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

PicMe Photo Booth Hire | Twitter

Featuring PicMe’s funniest photo booth snaps all in one place, their Twitter account is absolutely hilarious and worth following for the comic relief alone (wedding planning can be rather stressful, as you’ve probably realised!) Much more than this however, it’s also a fabulous source of entertainment inspiration as you see group after group of smiling faces getting to grips with PicMe’s brilliant service.

You can also find PicMe Photo Booth Hire on their…

Website | Facebook

picme photo booth hire

Traditional Fairground Co. | Facebook

Planning a vintage wedding? Following the Traditional Fairground Company is an absolute must. These wedding entertainers are genuinely one-of-a-kind with a totally unique collection of games, rides and attractions from yesteryear and their Facebook page is the perfect place to see these often-hilarious retro features in action. The real question is who wouldn’t want crazy golf at their wedding reception?

You can also find the Traditional Fairground Company on their…

traditional fairground co

Last Minute Musicians | YouTube

We get it. Planning a wedding by yourself is seriously difficult and the chances are you’re going to forget something. If it’s the place cards then it’s probably going to be manageable. But if it’s the music?!?… Before you start to panic, give Last Minute Musicians a follow on YouTube. They’ve got a massive range of live music acts you can listen to and invite to perform at your special occasion on short notice. That’s show business, right?

You can also find Last Minute Musicians on their…

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Chocolate Fountain Heaven | Facebook

There’s no time like the wedding to indulge your inner chocoholic, and there’s no better way to do just that than by inviting Chocolate Fountain Heaven to the party. This team are connoisseurs in art of the chocolate fountain, but instead of settling for just tasting amazing, they ensure their edible centrepieces look incredible as well. With LED light fixtures and tiered tables to really add to the occasion. But until your special day, you’ll just have to whet your appetite with the fab photography over on their Facebook page.

We feel your pain.

You can also find Chocolate Fountain Heaven on their…


chocolate fountain heaven

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