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41 Best Irish Wedding Companies for 2019


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Singers, Bands, Cars

The Cufflinks | Donegal

One of Ireland’s most in demand wedding bands, the cufflinks are the perfect antidote to wedding hymns and polite chit chat. They play music, they play music to dance to! The five piece band cover a range of both instruments and styles which can be tailored to suit your musical taste and packed with guaranteed dancefloor fillers.


the cufflinks

Hair O’ The DAWG | National

From Ed Sheeran to Tom Jones and all stops in between, Hair O’ The DAWG are a five piece band that absolutely bring the house down. If you want to add even more fun then they can supply a full brass section to swing it up another notch of fabulous, family friendly, dancefloor endangering party tunes from every era.


hair o the dawg

Atmosphere | National

If you’re worried about the cost of a huge band then Atmosphere are a three/four piece band who uncannily sound like a twelve piece. Packed with big personality and big sounds they offer a huge range of music for the first dance or to get the grandparents and grandkids all dancing together. You’ll soon understand why they have won multiple wedding awards.

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Tina Lynagh | National

Nothing sums up emotion as sweetly as music and having a singer as part of your ceremony can make such a difference as many of Tina Lynagh’s guests can attest. With 18 years’ experience, Tina has performed at all kinds of ceremonies and wedding receptions to either bring your special song to life or perform full sets.


YouTube video

Star Car Hire | National

If you want to make a real entrance and crank up the cool factor then Star Car Hire should be your No. 1 port of call. They have the widest selection of the coolest cars, from convertible Ford Mustangs to 1950’s Chevrolets, Volkswagen beetles to classic Porsches and New York Taxi Cabs to VW Camper Vans. They even have a huge selection of famous TV and movie vehicles.

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star car hire

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