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irish wedding companies

41 Best Irish Wedding Companies for 2019


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Photographers & Videographers

Paul Duane Photography | Loughrea

If you’re looking for someone to capture the most important moments of the most important (and let’s face it, expensive) day of your life then the award-winning husband and wife team Paul and Fiona at Paul Duane Photographer are superb. They will discretely capture the day and create stunning memories.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

paul duane photography

Photos By Jen | National

Whether it’s snapping the judges on Ireland’s Got Talent or capturing that one perfect moment that will immortalise your perfect day, Jenny McCarthy is undoubtedly one of Ireland’s most talented camera artists. She’s taken some of the best wedding photos we’ve seen (and we see thousands!) and is increasingly in demand for celebrity weddings.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

photos by jen

Bracket Studio | National

Keeping it real, it’s not just a motif for “yoof culture” it’s an artform that the highly sought after (yet amazingly affordable) Agnes B manages perfectly. Finding those surprise moments and capturing the smallest details that really sum up the day is what Agnes does with astounding results. A worthy addition to this year’s top 41.

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bracket studio

Jay Doherty | Donegal

The one thing Jay’s photographer did more than any other was make us smile. Finding the humour and fun moments of the special day is perhaps what the award-winning Jay Doherty does best. Above everything else, weddings are imbued with happiness and that’s what Jay seems to capture so wonderfully in his fun and tender style.


jay doherty

Make My Day | Dublin

Brendan at Make My Day Productions has built an amazing reputation and growing business on the four essential cornerstones; Simplicity, Discretion, Fun and Story. Bringing those four elements together means your day won’t be interrupted while all those special, tender and fun moments are lovingly captured to tell the story of your day.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

make my day

Golden Moments | Waterford

If your one wish is for your wedding to be caught and turned into a mini-movie, telling the full story of the day, with a cast of relatives, friends and loved ones then Golden Moments are the masters. They also offer a photographer if you want the full package to capture your special day from preparation to that first dance.


golden moments

Keith Malone | Wicklow

Keith Malone considers himself “an invisible videographer” and it’s his low-key approach and the time he spends getting to know his couples that allows him to blend in and focus on those most special moments you’ll always want to remember. When he’s not picking up wedding awards, he’s planning his next shoots with minute detail.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

keith malone

Gerry Duffy | Dundalk

It’s true, after months/years of planning, your special day will go by way too fast. That’s where four time award winner Gerry Duffy can make the big difference by helping you commit every tender moment of your big day to film. With over 38 years in the business Gerry really understands every aspect of the wedding day.

Website | Facebook

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