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14 Best Cocktail Bars in Newcastle


Newcastle is one of the UK’s best party cities. Visitors and locals are literally spoilt for choice with great bars, clubs and restaurants. Never one to duck a challenge, GoHen went in search of Newcastle’s best cocktails bars to enjoy a tipple (or two). It was thirsty work, but somebody had to do it (you’re welcome!). Your next Newcastle hen party has never tasted so good!

The Alchemist

Now we’re not alchemists ourselves but if we were, we would definitely take one of the UK’s biggest and best chain of cocktail restaurants and put it in one of the UK’s most friendly cities. Situated in the heart of the party district in Eldon Square, they’ve brought their special blend of cocktail mixing magic and theatrical flair to the Toon. A venue not to be missed.

5 Grey’s Quarter, Eldon Square, NE1 7AP


the Alchemist

The Botanist

Cocktails should be cool, they should be delicious, and they should be fun. That’s what the great folk at The Botanist do brilliantly, bring a passion and edge to their creations. And who doesn’t want their cocktails served in a watering can? Or a terracotta teapot trailing tendrils of smoke? If The Little Shop of Horrors started making cocktails… (Feed me Seymour!)

Monument Mall, NE1 7AL

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the botanist

Glass House

Glass House takes you back in time to the roaring 20s when decadence and glamour ruled. The décor is sumptuous, giving a hint of the luxury you’ll find in every cocktail. The Glass House won’t bamboozle you with new names and flavours, they serve the greats, the true classic cocktails and they serve them very well indeed.

Dean St, NE1 1LF

Glass House

Tiger Hornsby

Considered one of the prettiest bars in Newcastle, Tiger Hornsby is a great place to kick off your celebrations. For those happy to leave the blow-up dolls and veils at home, this cool yet relaxed cocktail bar will keep you entertained with live musicians, DJs and seriously good drinks. Come dressed to impress, and you might end up spending all night in there as the party often goes off with a bang!

Quayside, NE1 3R

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tiger hornsby


Florita’s is like the naughty aunt you had as a child, the one you adored precisely because she wasn’t like the other grown-ups. Well that’s Florita’s. She’s not like the other bars, she plays by her own rules and as a result seems to be having so much more fun. And the cocktails are even better! We can definitely recommend the Big Bad Zombie, we still can’t feel our legs!

Collingwood St, NE1 1JF

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A bar with real swag and more than a little ‘tude. You can bring your own sass and go mouth to mouth with some amazeballs cocktails but Livello is all about the fizz. There are some sublime champagne cocktails, Livello even serve Unicorn Tears! Good music, good drinks, good times. And (we’re saying this again) UNICORN TEARS!

Lower Dean Street, NE1 3JE

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A well-honed cocktail menu is a thing of beauty and at No28 they’ve got it 100% spot on! The drinks are exquisite, the atmosphere is electric, and the food is unapologetically, calorifically good. You’ll arrive for the good times, but you’ll keep coming back for the cocktails. The boho décor and cool crowd gives No28 an extra touch of class.

Nelson St, NE1 5AN

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no 28


A fantastically sophisticated and truly elegant bar, BonBar oozes class in the same way their cocktails ooze booze. Everything is packed with flavour, the food, the delicious cocktails, the afternoon teas, even the weekend tunes are ‘flava’! A great late-night venue to dance away an entire weekend.

Fenkle St, NE1 5XU

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Colonel Porters Emporium

With their unusual twist on, well, pretty much everything really, the lovely people at Colonel Porter’s Emporium take a little bit of the old, add a soupcon of the new, a dash of something different and a handful of devil may care, then give it a really good shake. It’s probably how they make their amazing cocktails too. A bar that’s proud to be different and rightly so.

Dean Street, NE1 1LF

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YouTube video

Pleased to Meet You

A place for those with a juniper palate, a house where gin is king. In fact, there are over 100 of them to choose from. You can meet up for a ‘martini lunch’ or that all important 3rd date where you want to take your ‘gin and tonic’ to the next level. There’s a huge selection of gin cocktails of every conceivable size, shape, colour and measure.

High Bridge, NE1 1EW

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pleased to meet you

House of Smith

Part speakeasy, part boudoir, all elegance, House of Smith is just that little bit different. They’re happy to celebrate excellence, raise a hat to sheer decadence, while happy to accept and celebrate difference. Yes, you can be part of the crowd, but you don’t have to follow it. And why shouldn’t you serve cocktails in a top hat?

Collingwood St, NE1 1JF

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house of smith

Hoochie Coochie

Hoochie Coochie is all about the music, funk soul, boogie, disco, jazz… It just so happens the music is served alongside amazing drinks. Chaka Khan, Brand New Heavies, Gregory Porter, Soul II Soul, Alexander O’Neal, are just a few of the top names that have played this unique venue that puts you so much closer to the action.

54 Pilgrim St, NE1 6SF

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hoochie coochie

Lola Jeans

Floor to ceiling murals, flower skulls, exposed brickwork, chandeliers, artistically mismatched furniture and quirky nature art reminiscent of seeing a really cool tattoo. This isn’t a bar that always does as it’s told, it’s certainly not following the trends of others. Lola Jeans is a place for individuals to enjoy award winning food, signature cocktails and be, well, individual.

Market Street, NE1 6JE

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lola jeans

97 & Social

We could rave about the roaring fire, the incredibly funky décor, the al fresco dining or the half price cocktails on Thursday (because we all love a good deal). But the real pleasures to be found at 97 & Social all lie in wait on the cocktail menu. All made using fresh ingredients, top quality spirits and a good deal of love.

Osborne Rd, NE2 2TJ

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97 and social

Jam Jar

Sometimes things are best when they’re just kept simple. Jam Jar have thrown away the distractions and focused on the key ingredients, brilliantly bold, simple food, delicious cocktails (served in Jam Jars, no less) all at excellent prices. Plus it’s 2 for 1 on all cocktails from Monday through Thursday, what’s not to love?

Osborne Road, NE2 2AP

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

jam jam

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