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13 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Edinburgh

13 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Edinburgh


The stunning Scottish capital is an Instagram goldmine with loads of landmarks to snap and pose in front of as you tour the best Edinburgh sightseeing spots on your visit to this remarkable city.

Whether you’re popping in for the day or heading off on an Edinburgh hen weekend, touring Edinburgh’s attractions is a fun, free and fabulous way to spend an afternoon allowing you to stock up on sublime snaps to make the Insta world jealous.

1. Edinburgh Castle

Whether you trundle up the hill to its gates or you capture it from afar, Edinburgh’s most iconic spectacle will undoubtedly blow you and your followers away. Giving off Hogwarts vibes, it’s the city’s showpiece attraction which towers magnificently overhead, and nobody could ever get sick of seeing the sight of it.


edinburgh castle

How to find Edinburgh castle

2. Calton Hill

Also known as ‘Edinburgh’s Acropolis’ and, OK, whilst not quite as impressive as its Athens counterpart, it’s still an excellent vantage point to come and take in the sights of the city – including the castle from a whole new perspective. It also features some stellar monuments as well as an observatory which make for remarkable photo opportunities in themselves.


calton hill

How to find Calton Hill

3. Arthur’s Seat

A two-mile stroll from the centre of the city will take you atop of Arthur’s Seat where the views are, quite frankly, unrivalled. You’ll see the entire Scottish capital sprawl beneath you as you head up to snap those glorious panoramic shots to stop everyone in their scrolling tracks. It also happens to be a fantastic little walk.


arthurs seat edinburgh

How to find Arthur’s Seat

4. The Vennel Steps

An alleyway to take you back in time with one of the best views of the castle in the city, the Vennel steps are a wonderful little walkway in the centre of town where you can snap some artsy shots en route up to the castle. There’s also a great little pub which you could pop into for a little refresher (we certainly wouldn’t blame you!).


vennel steps

How to find The Vennel Steps

5. Royal Mile

The famous Royal Mile, aka the partying district, connects the castle to the base of Arthur’s Seat. Whilst not specifically a landmark, there are plenty of places along the thoroughfare where you can grab a great squad photo and get a bite to eat as you tour this splendid city (or even a glass of something suitably fizzy!).


royal mile

How to find Royal Mile

6. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

A little oasis in the centre of the city, the Royal Botanic Garden is a peaceful haven where you can escape the high-energy atmosphere of the city centre and get back to nature in style. And, as we all know, the most photogenic person on the planet is Mother Nature herself, so you’re bound to unearth some spectacular shots as your stroll through the picture-perfect plant life.


Royal Botanic Garden

How to find Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

harry potter walking tour

A magical afternoon adventure!

7. Rooftop Terrace at the National Museum of Scotland

Whilst a poke around the museum itself is a great way to whittle away a couple of hours, it’s the stunning terrace we’re here to talk to you about, which offers impressive views out across the rooftops of Edinburgh (and, yes, that includes a great view of the castle, too!). A brilliant place to amble up and take this magnificent place in.


national museum of scotland

How to find the National Museum of Scotland

8. Holyrood Park

Containing Arthur’s Seat within its boundaries, there is plenty more to explore in the shadow of the dramatic step including a medieval ruin, some picturesque lochs, and some open expanses. Whilst it’s easy to get swept up in the electric atmosphere of the city centre, there is so much more to explore (and it’s all so so close). Push. The. Boundaries.


holyrood park edinburgh

How to find Holyrood Park

9. Victoria Street

This colourful curve of shops and eateries is not only a great place to have a little browse, but also a stunning photo opportunity. This is Edinburgh at its independent best and when the sunlight hits it just right, there are few better sights in the whole of the city.


victoria street

How to find Victoria Street

10. Dean Village

An idyllic little village in the heart of the city, this tranquil little hamlet has a river running through it and used to be packed out with working mills. If you’re into your quaint British boltholes and calm country vibes, this is a must-visit on your trip to Edinburgh.


dean village

How to find Dean Village

11. Circus Lane

Another stunning street (OK, lane!) which is another glimpse into Edinburgh’s picturesque past – take a stroll, snap some cute pics and use them in a collage to contrast with some of the bigger/more modern parts of the city.


circus lane

How to find Circus Lane

12. Ross Fountain

You may have noticed by now, a lot of the Instagram spots all have the castle in the backdrop, but that’s because it is simply the focal point of the city. The fountain itself adds an extra element to the shot, and at night it’s particularly impressive when both iconic spots are simultaneously lit up.


ross fountain

How to find Ross Fountain

13. Forth Bridge

Slightly out from the centre of the city, the Forth Bridge is an impressive feat of engineering and is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This impressive man-made structure evokes images of the Golden Gate Bridge (alright, maybe it isn’t quite in that bracket, but it’s still pretty impressive!) and we for one love it.


forth bridge

How to find Forth Bridge

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