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Valencia Guide

Just landed in Valencia? You lucky, lucky lot! We travel to Valencia as much as humanly possible so you can be sure that our pro tips for getting the most out of a weekend here are authentic and really do come from experience. It’s a gorgeous city, so make sure you see much more of it than the insides of its bars, ladies!

Getting In


Book yourselves up a budget flight as early as possible, especially when you’re looking to travel in the summer months, as prices can get really steep and seats are sold out very quickly. It’s easy to fly out from most major UK international airports. It’s really handy that the airport in the city is just 9km away from the city centre where you and the girls will be staying. For less than 2 Euros, you can take the metrobus into town in around 30-45 minutes and if you’re keen to get there a little quicker, it’s easy to grab a taxi.

Getting Around

On Foot

The most central area of Valencia where all of the very best attractions lie is really easily explored on foot. Surroundings are really stunning and when the weather is hot, it’s simply a good excuse to stop for a coffee or a cold beer every five minutes!


If you’re not stranger to a two wheeled vehicle, why not hire out a bike to visit the city? The locals love to cycle and so there are over 250 rental places all over Valencia, offering quality biked for pretty low prices.


There’s an underground system in Valencia and although it doesn’t reach particularly for or around the entire city, it’s handy for visiting major points with ease. Rechargable chips are 1 Euro and then it’s €1.50 for a single trip.


If you have a little further to go, the EMT bus is your best bet. Travelling to just about every conceivable corner of the city, you can get where you need to be for a relatively small fee – the system can be complicated though, so make sure to pick up a map or ask a friendly local where you should be going.

See It

Valencia is a tourist’s dream with loads to see and do, from the beautiful and interesting to the bizarre! When you’re left with a little spare time, be sure to do some sightseeing. Here are the most prominent sights in the city:

City of Arts and Sciences

In case you hadn’t already worked it out, this isn’t an actual city but in actual fact is a centre for the sciences. It’s far more interesting than it sounds and aside from the stunning architecture which encases it, you can watch a film in the IMAX, visit the science museum, aquarium or planetarium. This building is totally iconic and defines the city in many ways, so be sure to take a look!

Barri del Carme

If you and your friends enjoy taking a step outside the ordinary, everyday party scene, definitely check out the Barri del Carme. From arty types and hipsters to the local gay community, everybody who’s a little bit trendy and cool hangs out here. Eat, drink, visit fashionable shops and galleries and most importantly, join in with the massive party which always gets going at the end of the day!

The Mercat Central

A real must visit for any budding foodie, this beautiful market is bursting with fresh Spanish produce and even if you don’t intend to buy anything, browsing and nibbling at samples or delicious street food is well worth the trip. Typical of the Spanish building trade, this edifice is being restored at a gentle pace. Shop and eat like a true local.

Silk Exchange

Known in Spanish as La Lonja de la Seda, silk was produced here for hundreds of years. Although production here stopped many years ago, taking a look at the building is still well worth it because it’s very old, very gothic and is decorated with some very cheeky gargoyles!


Spaniards are well known for their great love of food and local dishes in Valencia are absolutely delicious. Taste is taken pretty seriously here, so prepare to enjoy some of the best food you’ll ever eat!


When in Valencia, you simply have to try out some paella – it was invented here after all! A gorgeous dish made of rice yellowed beautifully by saffron, rabbit, chicken and seafood varieties are all common in the city.


Very common throughout the summer, gaspacho is a cold tomato and vegetable soup and it tastes incredible on a blisteringly hot Spanish day.


Kind of an extreme version of garlic mayo, this potent sauce is basically just pounded up garlic and olive oil and you’ll find it dolloped over a whole range of dishes whilst you’re away.

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