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Rome Guide

Who could fail to love a hen party in Rome? The city is luxurious, romantic, glamorous and historic, with so much to do when it comes to keeping everybody entertained and happy during the day and through the night. Get in touch with real Italian passion and follow our guide to squeezing loads out of your weekend.

Getting In


Aeroplane is by far your best bet when it comes to booking up a hen do travel to Rome. It’s simple, quick and easy to grab a cheapie flight from pretty much any international airport in the UK and you’ll touch down in just over 2 hours. Easy. There’s a regular bus into town from the modern and super efficient Leonardo da Vinci airport but be wary of arriving late at night, as services stop running. Taxis are always available but obviously cost a great deal more.

Getting Around

On Foot

Yes, Rome is big but its traffic system is also chaotic and the sights beautiful so travelling as much as you can on foot comes highly recommended – and it’s free too!

On Four Wheels

It is possible to drive around Rome but to be honest, Italian drivers are absolutely crazy, so it’s not at all recommended. Taxis can be a good way to get about but when traffic is bad, you’ll end up paying a lot for a very long journey. There are ranks on just about every piazza, so you’ll never be far away from a ride.


Pick up your tickets which can be used for the bus, metro and tram from tobacconists shops (bizarrely) or from designated booths and kiosks marked with the local ATAC logo. They’re highly regarded as the best way to get around the city and are crowded but frequent. Pick up a free bus guide from one of the local tourist information centres so you’ll know where you need to be and when.


The tram system is also useful for getting about and because it’s smaller, it’s much easier to use and understand. You can use the same kind of tickets as you would on the bus, making things easy.


There’s a metro system here as well, confusingly. A small set of just two lines run basically north and south around the city, so it’s really not difficult to use. Avoid during rush hour though, unless you enjoy getting crushed, that is. 


When in Rome, eat as much and as frequently as you can. Diets are to be tossed out of the window here, as treats wait around every corner and they’re really not to be missed!


Okay, so ordering a pizza in Italy might not seem like a particularly groundbreaking decision but the delights you’ll experience here are nothing like those you may have eaten at home. Thin, super crispy, hot and delicious, they’re most certainly not to be missed.


Once again, you’ve probably tried gelato back at home but don’t miss it in Rome because it’s most certainly of an entirely different breed. The variety of flavours on offer may well be mind boggling and when you step up to pay, your waitress will ask you if you want ‘panna’, meaning cream. It’s often free or failing that a small fee and believe us, you should say ‘si’.


These sound a little odd but suppli are fried rice balls with cheese and tomato and are a really yummy treat to enjoy and they’re available everywhere alone or as a side dish.


For Italians, coffee is a religion and you certainly won’t find a branch of Starbucks or Costa Coffee here. Make like a true Italian and try an espresso – but watch out, because they’re really strong! Macchiato in Rome is like no macchiato you’ve ever tasted before. Meaning ‘marked’, your drink will be an espresso simply ‘marked' with a little milk. Words of coffee warning: don’t order a latte unless you fancy a cup of hot milk (try ‘café latte’ for the more familiar version) and it’s considered bizarre to order a cappuccino after 11am. Go frothy at your peril! Whoever knew a cup of Joe could get so confusing…


Italian is known for being a fairly simple language to learn, so why not do your best to learn a phrase or two before you go?

Si - Yes
No - No
Una birra – A beer
Il vino rosso/bianco – Red/white wine
Benvenuto! – Welcome!
Ciao – Hello/bye
Arrivederci – Goodbye
Grazie – Thank-you
Mi chiamo – My name is
Salute! – Cheers!
Ti amo – I love you
Buena notte – Good night

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