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Paris Guide

Paris is a world-famous city that just about everybody dreams of visiting at least once in their life. See all the classic sights, from the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees, to more unusual stuff life super funky bars, not to forget eating like the French do! Here’s our guide to maximising your weekend in Paris.

Getting In


In the UK, we’re really not far away from France, so taking to the air is a seriously speedy way to get there and the one we’d recommend. Loads of budget airlines run cheap and cheerful flights throughout the year to the French capital but it’s best to book up as early as possible for the best deals. The airport is very close to the city centre and it’s easy to get public transport in for a relatively small fee. 


Getting the train into Paris is also really simple. Catch the Eurostar from London’s St. Pancras International and roll straight into the Gare du Nord in a mind boggling 2hrs 15 minutes! Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early for passport checks and security.


This one takes a while and most definitely isn’t the best recommended option but if you find a good deal or just love ferries (for some reason) catch the boat from Dover to Calais and then either take the train, bus or drive.


The French are known for their love of gastronomy and it’s on another level in the city of Paris. Here are just a few dishes and treats that simply must not be missed when visiting.


No, we’re not just being ridiculously stereotypical or getting you to try something gross, snails are actually pretty delicious when prepared in the right manner. Gently cooked with herbs and garlic and a slice of bread, you’ll certainly be converted.

Steak tartare

This is another dish which requires a certain amount of bravery to conquer but take it from us, you’ll be glad you did. Raw minced steak is mixed up with all sorts of seasonings, capers and gherkins and sometimes offset by a raw egg yolk and a pile of good old-fashioned chips. C’est delicieux!

Croque monsieur

Slightly less exotic but no less delicious, a ham and cheese toasted sandwich really hits the spot. Particularly when one is nursing le hangover.

Pressed duck

Otherwise known by its distinctly less attractive name duck with blood, this dish is delicious and not to be sniffed at. Served classically with cherry sauce, it’s a definite treat.

Pain perdu

Kind of like a posh and French version of bread and butter pudding, this tasty treat is way better than the weird school dinner versions you’ve tried before… 


Paris is a pretty multicultural and international city where plenty of people speak English but learning a few phrases is polite and helpful.

How much? – Combien?
Daily special - Le plat du jour
Cheers! – Santé!
Shall we have an aperitif? - Je prend un aperitif?
Yes – Oui
Do you speak English – Parlez-vous Anglais?
Un boite du nuit – nightclub
Un ‘after’ – to keep drinking until the morning
J’ai la guile de bois - I have a wooden head (or a hangover, in plain speech)

Weird and wonderful

There’s so much great stuff to try out and enjoy in Paris, why would you stick to the boring and obvious? Once you’ve done the Eiffel Tower and eaten a snail or two, give a couple of these ideas a try.

Centre Pompidou

This cutting edge and super trendy art gallery is a mere skeleton of a building – but on purpose. You and the girls will surely enjoy looking up incredible works from Matisse and Ernst but at 9pm, the cocktail bar on site opens! Muse fashionable art amongst trendy, brooding types and then sip incredible mixed drinks on the rooftop terrace. A great surprise for any hen who loves a bit of culture.


This hilarious and healthy way to spend a Friday night in Paris is both a good way to have a night off the booze and to work up an appetite for some steak-frites! Strap on your skates and join in with the roller-blading crowds. Even better, it’s totally free to join in.

Ping-pong on the Canal de l’Ourcq

This stretch of waterside parkland is home to several ping-pong tables and areas for playing boules, so you can let off some steam and pick up a tan if it’s warm outside.

Thumbs up

There’s a massive sculpture of a thumb by La Defense. We don’t have much more to say on the matter.       

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