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Ljubljana Guide

Difficult to pronounce but not difficult to love, Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. Much smaller and easier to navigate than many sprawling European city centres, this really is a highly underrated tourist spot! We’ve been to Ljubljana more times than we can count, so here’s out guide to squeezing the most out of your weekend here…

Getting In


This is pretty much the only feasible way to get to Ljubljana but luckily it’s not difficult or expensive. Catch a flight from one of the usual airlines or airports across the UK and then simply take a bus or a minibus for a couple of Euros over to your accommodation. Get all the girls together and book up those flights early before they get more expensive!


There’s plenty of new stuff to tickle your taste buds with when you’re away, so make sure to try out at least one Eastern European treat! Because the country of Slovenia has been under the rule of so many different nations and regimes, their cuisine is varied and really, really interesting.

Kranjska Medica

This is a delicious honey liquor which you must try when out and about in pubs and bars. Watch out though – it’s stronger than you think!

Kranjska Klobasa

A delicious meaty treat. Give Carnolian sausage a try when you visit Ljubljana.

Chicken noodle soup

Now this doesn’t sound particularly exciting but the noodle soup you’ll try in Slovenia might just be amongst some of the best you’ll ever try. Definitely food for the soul (or for a hangover).


Common in many Eastern European countries, this sweet nut and seed roll might not be a diet food but it’s definitely worth a try. A sweet yeasted dough is rolled up with nuts, seeds and something sweet like sugar or honey. Poppy seeds generally feature in high quantities, so don’t be alarmed if your dessert is partially black!  


Slovenian is not an easy language to learn or speak as there’s an impossible 56 different kinds of dialect! Try not to worry too much as just about everybody is great at speaking English but trying to learn a few common greetings and phrases is fun for your trip.

Hello – Živjo
How are you? – Kako si?
What is your name? – Kako ti je ime?
My name is – Imi mi je
Please – Prosim
Thank-you – Hvala
Yes – Da
No – Ne
Excuse me – Oprosite
Beer – Pivo
Red/white wine - Rdeče/belo vino
Cocktail - Koktajl


Simply strolling around Ljubljana is a joy in itself but if you’re keen to get a little bit of sightseeing in, there’s loads to do here. The city is easy to navigate too, which means no marathon treks between attractions.

Ljubljana Castle

Located on castle hill, pretty Ljubljana castle is a truly ancient monument fitted with a giant clock which helps the whole city to stay on time. A Building which has been through a lot and many, many changes and is well worth a look.

National and University Library

This is quite possible one of the coolest and prettiest museums you’ll ever visit. Designed by famous architect Joze Plecnic in the ’30s, it’s decked out in black marble and is utterly gorgeous. Even though you probably won’t be able to understand any of the words in the books, we’d urge you to look anyway.

St Nicholas’ Church

Otherwise known as the city’s cathedral, this building was originally a gothic church and it was later replaced by a baroque style, making it seriously interesting to look at. Look out for the iconic green dome which forms an integral part of the Ljubljana skyline.

Tivoli Park

Chill out and enjoy a breath of fresh air after a long and tiring day in the city amongst one of the prettiest green spaces in a city centre around.


This area isn’t for everybody but a must if you’re a fan of urban art and modern history. Metelkova was once a military barracks and is now a place for cool people to hang out and make their artistic mark on the walls. 

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